Friday, September 21, 2007

Back again!

Hello, hello! I'm back! I feel like I've been offline for AGES!!!... My ISP has been playing up and I've been offline since Tuesday night! It's been horrible! I have so much news ! Javede received my OTT (One Tiny Thing) - I made her a crocheted coin purse of her favourite colours with a butterfly bead at one end (she likes butterflies).
I also sewed a small zip in, which I'm quite proud of. I was amused that Javede and I both sent each other purses. Great minds think alike!

I had intended to add a long strap too, but decided against it at the last minute.

My first day back at school went fairly smoothly. I managed to regain my composure even though most of the timetables had changed between Friday and Wednesday and people were turning up left, right and centre that I hadn't got on my register! *lol* I had totally forgotten what it was like in that first month where all you got was blank looks when you spoke to the class. They lighten up once they start to get a grip on the language! I have loads of work for next week now!

Wednesday is going to be a busy day, I will be teaching from 8.30 through to 5.00 with an hour for lunch. I then have an hour to grab my packed 'dinner' and get across town to silver smithing class for 6.00. I have my small hearts cut, formed and soldered now. I'm just giving them the final file and sandpaper before the 'cloisonne' process. I'm really enjoying this class. I just love to learn and I'm learning every week. Oh yeah, I get to melt metal with a flame and cut it with a saw too. that's such good fun.

I did my first baby prints today too. Baby hand imprints in clay, and hand and footprints on pottery pieces. It never ceases to surprise me how wriggly babies are. I'm not a mum and I don't have friends with babies. The last baby I had anything to do with (my mates) just started secondary school! I normally work with adults and young adults. Still, it was an experience, and the baby in question was unbelievably good-natured and adorable. She didn't cry either which made all the difference. I find it difficult to tolerate babies screaming.

Saturday is Karan's Birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARAN!!! I wish you happiness, health and good fortune for the forthcoming year. You deserve it Hon!

I have an interview next week too. Wish me luck, it's not going to make me rich, but it may help to free me from a job I hate...


Karan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes : D
Now I just need someone to send me cake...Matt will bake pies but not cakes *sulking*

I had to laugh at the wriggly baby comment! LOL I love the wriggliness of them...and the smell of their hair *sighs* My "baby" is 13 now and a pita!!



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