Sunday, September 23, 2007

My mirror of Erised....

The evil beast that is temptation is rearing it's ugly head. I really, really want an i-pod shuffle. Tescos keeps shoving them under my nose every time I go into the store, I've even gone as far as to compare the prices on eBay and Amazon. They are just so cute and tiny and come with a handy little clip to clip them onto your clothes, something my other mp3 players sorely lack. I'd love one in purple, but I will be happy with black or silver.
It's my birthday in a couple of months, maybe I should wait and drop a few hints. M's pretty good at getting me techno toys as gifts. He has kept me well supplied with laptops, games consoles; both hand-held and home consoles (I love Nintendo, though I don't have a Wii yet), tv's and dvd players (I even have a portable dvd player), mobile phones and cameras. He doesn't do the traditional girlie gifts; jewellery, perfume, lingerie, etc, although he did buy me a Harley Davidson bracelet one year which I guess he got because he was hanging out at the dealership regularly. It's on one of his bike 'burn' routes and he stops and has a coffee with whoever's hanging there.
A less techno temptation that I'm trying to resist at the moment is a dressform. *Sigh* I really want a dressform. I'm not particularly materialistic, but occasionally I get the urge for something.
These are what I would see in the Mirror of Erised. I think I will hint :-)


vinny said...

heh i really *really* wanted a lime shuffle but it was twice the price of the mp3 player i settled for.

javede said...

Ah, I see an embroidery machine when I look into that mirror *lol* But that's a wish that's not going to be fullfilled within the next few years...maybe after graduation...
I got an Ipod nano for birthday last year from my parents! Total surprise as it's way too expensive a gift.
Oh and a dressform would be fab, but I don't have the room for one, had to pass a wonderfull offer at a fleamarket once(adjustable, my size and only 20€!!!).

Samsara said...

Oo yes, an embroidery machine would be nice, but that is definately one for the future. I do have a fake 'pod', but the battery doesn't last. M reliably informs me that the proper ones last for 8 hours or more, and he plays his loud! And I can 'make' the space for a dressform! Hee hee!

Karan said...

I got Jake an iPod for Xmas a couple of years ago now and its still going strong, I have had at least 3 cheap MP3 players in that time - granted, its not me who wrecks them but they're wrecked none the less. The evil MP3 wrecker has been using Jakes iPod for the last couple of months and it is holding up well!
Hove to agree with both you and Javede on the embroidery machine : ) and a dress form *be still my beating heart* no room at all THOUGH : (
My big "I want" atm is a new knitting machine.



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