Monday, September 03, 2007

You can get under my Umbrella, ella, ella...

It's been a busy weekend. Saturday I did a craft fair (in a village I'd never been to before, so I was able to use the SatNav that M had bought me specifically for this purpose!) which was reasonably good for this time of year. I sold a really nice very large Celtic hurricane to an old gentleman for a gift for one of his daughters. Unfortunately he spent the afternoon swinging it around behind his back and broke it. I felt so bad for him and offered him a replacement of his choice (it wouldn't have been the same unfortunately as I tend to do OOAK pieces), but he wouldn't accept it and said that it was completely his fault and that he was careless.
The weather was kind of nice (ish) on Sunday, so we postponed the visit to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham, deciding to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather whilst we could. The Sealife Centre is a rainy day activity we decided, and there will no doubt be plenty of those this autumn. The Umbrella Festival was running this year for about the first time in 10 years, it's a kind of indie, green festival. I had decided to take these to the Sealife Centre to release, but I thought the Umbrella Festival would do as well. There was actually a Book-Crossing stall there, so I left the books there. I picked a couple of new ones up too, I know that I'm meant to be de-stashing, not re-stashing, but hey, they'll be read and released!
Some friends were there with their band; Native American flute, didge, djembe drums and percussion. A very eclectic tribal mix! The girl on the left in the purple with the hat is my mate Mandy.

Another friend was there with his eco wood-turning demos. Just bits of wood and very strong thigh muscles *lol* He's been doing this for years. The lathe is turned by a long branch attached to a foot treadle and stand. The string attached to the branch twists around the wood that's being turned and down to the foot treadle and spins it round and round.

We had a good afternoon, enjoying the music, meeting old friends, and soaking up the atmosphere :-)

I finished another one of my Autumnal colour swap items for Solorn. This is a winter muff in lovely autumnal shades. I have a similar one. It's lovely and warm, I take it to craft fairs and winter events.

I also made this bracelet. The beads are mostly reclaimed vintage beads from necklaces belonging to Mum and a friend. Wooden beads with pale green faux pearls spaced with gold and copper seed beads.

I finished
Javede's OTT and posted it today. I won't post the piccys yet until she receives it coz I know she peeps here :-)

I also received some fab cutlery from WhileyWoo too, along with some treats for the furbabies.


javede said...

I'm not peeping, I'm just reading your blog ;-)
It would so not have worked had you told me not to read your blog untill I got the OTT, because...well...I guess...ok, I would have peeped :-) I used to search for birthday presents and christmas gifts and my mum still hides them now *lol*

Looks like you had a fun weekend! What's a Celtic hurricane though?

Samsara said...

Oh, its a large glass candle vase!

Jenni-Raie said...

well that festival looked like FUN!

Karan said...

Looks like you had a cool day out :)

and the carft fair went well too YAY ....poor old chappy breaking his hurricane lamp



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