Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crazy Week

Yep, it's been one crazy week - I've been working, been doing jewellery workshops, had staff meetings, been car booting, crafting and lesson planning. Term started this week and I have all my lessons grouped together this year, which means I have a couple of days where I'm not in school, though I'll probably be doing freelance stuff. I found out Friday that I have Foundation art for all their classes this year, and I've never actually taught that class before so I've been cramming and trying to get together a few lesson plans. It means that I teach from 8.30am till 5.00pm, and then go straight to silversmithing class for 6.00pm, till 9.00pm. I've just made up a packed lunch and tea for tomorrow. Wow, Wednesdays is going to be knackering!
I also never updated from last weeks smithing class. Here's some of the girls:
Unfortunately Mo who is taking the class has her back to me in these photos. She's the one in the black t-shirt. We have a good laugh :-)

Here's the design I'm currently working on. I'm going to be doing a cloisonne pendant, so I'm cutting out very thin strips of metal to make the mini hearts. Then I have to solder them on before I can enamel them.

That very fine strip you can see there was cut from a sheet of metal and is about 1mm wide. I also filed and sandpapered all the edges! There is about 3 weeks work on that pad there!

This is Fleurs Beauxbaton Cape I made for my swap partner in the Weasley Household object swap - I also have a couple of smaller projects to send off too! I love this pattern from the Happy Hooker - it's the first time I've made it and I think it looks great! It crocheted up like a dream!

I sent Simplyfussfrees crocheted granny scarf off on Monday, but I forgot to take a photo before I posted it! Arrggghhh! I hate it when I do that! I wish I had a photo, it was an all white scarf (white's not really my colour and it's just not practical for an art teacher *lol* ) but it took me quite a while and I was pleased with the result. Oh well, never mind. I'll see if I can nab a picture when she posts one in the swap gallery.


Karan said...

Your heart pendant is going to be beautiful, I just KNOW it! : )
is that the Cold Shoulders from HH? it looks lovely, I've tried Sweetpea twice this week but its too much to concentrate on : ( I'm torn between Short n Sweet & Cold Shoulders for my older sis for Xmas

Samsara said...

Yes it is! I keep looking at sweetpea too, but life's a little crazy at the minute, so maybe another time *lol*



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