Friday, September 07, 2007

Buttons and Beanies

This weeks jewellery class consisted of much sawing, filing and sand-papering. Smithing can be a laborious process. I will now longer raise my eyebrows at the cost of hand-made silver jewellery. Even the simplest design takes hours of labour. I cut a fairly large heart design and smoothed it to a mirror-like finish (it's the over-achiever in me!) I then pierced a very thin strip of metal ready to shape into a design to solder on my pendant, which will form the 'moat' into which the enamel will go for the cloisonne effect. I forgot to take my camera this week, so I only have a very crappy camera phone picture of my progress so far!

I finished a couple of things for the Autumn colour swap on Craftermath. This is a keyring (obviously)

And I had a go at making a button brooch. I really like how this turned out! I might have a go at one of these for myself! Buttons from my stash and plenty of hot glue!

My package is now completed and I stuck it in the post this morning. I was just thinking about my mate Gill who lives near the Post Office and wondering if she'd be up yet to take the dogs to Rabbit Field (she's a lorry driver and she does a night shift) and lo and behold, who walks round the corner? Gill! She hadn't actually gone to bed yet, so we had a walk and a chat in the sunshine with the dogs. So nice to catch up. I haven't seen her since that fateful night of several weeks ago where much much alcohol was involved!

I'm a big lover of coleslaw, but shop bought stuff just isn't tangy enough for my tastes, so I've been making my own recently! Much much better. Hopefully I will keep it up once school starts again.

This has red cabbage, white cabbage, onion and carrot in, with a little white wine vinegar and some vegan mayo. I was going to make some pizza cinnabons too, but I used my homemade pizza sauce on some half baguettes that didn't get eaten on the day and needed to be used up. Still yummy though. Halve the baguettes, spread the pizza topping over, then pile halved cherry tomatoes, onion, sweetcorn, pineapple and whatever else you want to on top. Stick it in the oven till the bread crisps and eat with the coleslaw and a bit of salad. Scrummy!

I'm nearly done with WhileyWoo's Kitty beanie. I'm on the decreases now, so I'll be finished on the hat and will just have to add the ears. I haven't been able to start Simplyfussfree's granny square scarf yet because she hasn't decided on the colours yet.

The Harry Potter stuff is going well, but I can't post any pictures yet because it's all secret. I'm also doing another HP swap which involves creating a Weasley household object. My partner Rosemary, would like something practical, so I'm brainstorming for that one at the moment. I watched the Chamber of Secrets again last night because that film has some great shots of the Burrow towards the beginning of the film.

I'm working at the Pottery studio this afternoon, then hopefully M and I will do something together tomorrow and Sunday i shall be at the local Scarecrow Festival doing a jewellery workshop with Maureen. Busy, busy! I've just got some supplies in the post so I will be able to get on with some HP projects. Yippee!




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