Sunday, October 28, 2007

Houses, Hats, and other things

I've been rather busy lately getting some glass painted ready for all the upcoming Christmas Fairs, I've also managed to sort out a much cheaper mortgage provider, now my initial three years is up and I'm no longer 'tied-in'. This will give us around £150 per month to play with! I'm so pleased that we're managing to save that much! We might even be able to get back on track now! The other mortgage was a tracker which was our only option at the time, but it was going up by about £50 every other month. Not good!
I finished Kublai Khan and the pattern will be up if anyone's interested, I wrote it all down, just have to get it onto the PC now). I love the little point and the bobbles. M says he's not keen on the pointy bit, but hey, what do blokes know? It does look more flattering on, Zha'an's having a bad head day today, and is nice and snugly.
I also finished my Hogwarts cap, I added a tassel to the back for a more casual look. I actually wore it to MK on Friday, so I wonder if Krum recognised what it was *lol*

I started a new muff the other day. This is made up off all those little scraps of yarn that just aren't long enough to do anything else with. It should be nice and warm because there's lots of chunky yarns in there, homespun and novelty yarns, so the texture and colour is gorgeous!
Apologies for the slight blurriness, I just wanted to show off the texture. This is a 'hard-to-put-down' project, I just love seeing all the different colours and textures knit up. I call it my nebula muff, it reminds me of one of those stunning multi-coloured nebula's that you see through the Hubble!

I made some more Christmas cards last night and wrote them out. I send to my family in London that I don't see very often, I like to get them done early and my Mum and Dad pass them out when they do the 'family pre-Christmas' visits. I don't have to spend out on the expensive and very unreliable post then.

I also made some jewellery and some crochet markers for IntrepidYarn for the Stash swap, and I've been making some jewellery from cutlery, but I need to find a better way of polishing deep scratches out because the pliers made a few tooth marks in the metal, despite me wrapping them in masking tape *sigh* Steel is sooo hard! I'll get some photos soon.

Oh, I just got my partner for the Stocking Swap too; the Felt Fairy! Hee hee, I'm so chuffed, she makes some awesome stuff! I'm so looking forward to this swap! 90 people, can you believe it? It's going to be an amazing gallery!


Karan said...

both your hats look good Ginny : )
brilliant news on the mortgage, that should relieve a few headaches.
I can;t wait to get going on my Xmas Stocking, isn't it great to have partners at last?

Samsara said...

Yeah! Who did you get?

Laural said...

I love the hats! I really like that you put a tassle on your wizard hat too. And those cards are beautiful!

Laural said...

P.S. I feel really bad for all of you with the whole mail situation.



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