Sunday, March 30, 2008

British Summertime Starts! (Swap spoiler alert!)

What a difference a week makes! The clocks went forward this morning to mark the official start to British Summertime (snigger). What are the chances of us actually getting a summertime this year? Should I make a bet? We've had such bad weather for such a long time now, maybe we are due a really hot summer this year. Please?
So this was the view from my studio window this morning. Lovely and sunny! What a contrast from last Sundays photo with all the snow. M and I took the Hound of the Baskervilles up to Rabbit Field for a run around in the sunshine. I hung my washing on the line outside and it dried! There is nothing like laundry dried in the fresh air and sunshine.
So have you all had a good week my lovelies? This was the first week for absolutely ages that I didn't have to work a Saturday so I went into town for a spot of wandering round the market and the charity shops. I bought a few clothing bargains and also found these at a charity shop. 10 balls for 50p each! It's a lovely lilac-y silvery colour. I need to find something special to make with this! I'm hoping I have enough for a little lacy cardigan or shrug. Something nice and summery. Just in case, you know, we actually get a summer this year! (I'm so sick of grey!)
So what have I been doing this week? I've been crafting for the UK instant swap.
My partner PurpleHeather has been quite easy to craft for - in fact, the hardest thing has been stopping! One of the things on her list was the ubiquitous panta, she like purple and pink, so I made this panta in a mohair acrylic blend, so it will feel nice and cozy, but should wash easily. I think she may have to wash this when she receives it as she has a mild cat allergy and Pippin has snuck on my lap once or twice when I've been knitting it!
She also wanted a sketch book, so I covered this boring black sketch book in purple silk, and decorated it with ribbons, lace and jewels. I applied some gold to the edges of the paper for that hand bound look.
PH asked for some resin jewellery, so I made this sweet little heart pendant with sequins and micro beads in, and strung it onto a beaded necklace.
I made some blank cards recycling old greeting cards - you can never have enough blank cards, especially when you're a Craftster! I really like the black and white one in the top left hand corner.
And I also made some blank tags from the scraps from my greeting card frenzy. Sometimes the backs of greeting cards are as pretty as the front. I have this great tag punch which makes it easy to whip up some handy little tags.
She requested an i-pod cozy so I made this last night whilst watching the Order of the Phoenix! PurpleHeather has become a recent convert to the World of the Mighty Boosh, so how could I not make this Monkeyhead Zooniverse cozy! He has little beady eyes!
I wanted to make the back all mystically glittery, like a journey through time and space...but felt is a bitch to glitter! The glue pen kept scuffing up the felt fibres. I only wanted a very thin layer. I think the edge of the glitter pen was a little sharp *sigh* Must investigate softer edged glitter pens one day.
And I cut these stencils too. I sketched out roughly the shapes I wanted, then used a fine craft knife to cut them. I have this fantastic stencil paper from school which is sort of coated with an almost oily coating. Smells dreadful, but it's great for making reusable stencils and is easy to cut!
And what did I make with them? Well, this t-shirt! PH wanted one that said 'Jill of all Trades...'

I added to the back 'Mistress of Many...'

What do you think? Too much? I just had to add the back. I like little surprises. Motifs inside mugs, stuff on t-shirt sleeves or on the back; you get the idea. I wrote the lettering using an applique relief pen. It sort of pipes out like an outliner and dries with a raised edge. It has a long fine nozzle, so you can create some intricate work.

I made fairly durable stencils with special stencil paper, so I can use them again! I have a couple of other things to post, but they'll have to wait another day. Time to go and chill out on the sofa with M, a bottle of wine and a Terry Gillian film :-)


Kookie said...

Heather is a lucky lass : )The T-shirt is going to wisted for sure!

and it's amazing how much the weather changes in a week!! Sunshine is on my wish list for this summer too.
SUPER bargain on the yarn, I'm really envious, the shop I used to get bargain yarn from has closed because of damage caused by the earthquake.
I've been making a shawl for one of my swap partners and I just found out she's making the same one herself.

Celeste said...

Wow what gorgeous stuff! Lucky Heather (no pun intended). I especially love the t-shirt, the stencils are brilliant, so simple but effective.

Anonymous said...

PH is lucky indeed. You are a great swap partner.

And nice contrast to the weather in the two photos. Enjoy British "Summertime"!

ducky said...

Awesome t-shirt! Wow-you are good with an exacto knife.
I want one of those tag paper punches-what a great idea. Hope you get some warm weather very soon ; )

Samsara said...

Thanks :-)



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