Sunday, March 09, 2008

Warning: this post contains SWAP SPOILERS!

I recently treated myself to this DVD which is a Belly dance DVD with yoga warm-up and tried it for the first time today (M is on call this week starting from this morning, so I've had some time to myself today) and boy does it make you work! I've had a dodgy shoulder since I suffered a rotator cuff injury and had to have surgery on it years ago, and doing some of the shoulder isolation's with it makes me realise just how much I favour that shoulder. I certainly ache there now, but I guess that will ease up. Here's a clip I nicked from YouTube which shows the introduction. Hope the link works, it's the first time I've tried pasting a YouTube link in.

I love Ariellah, she's an amazing dancer and definitely someone to aspire to. I don't think I'll never be as graceful as she is, but it's fun trying :-)

So what else has been going on here in my little corner of the world? As Britain prepares itself for the worst storm to hit the UK for years, I spent this morning working on my Tassel Edged Wrap whilst watching Hollyoaks in bed with my girls (the cats) and loads of China Rose Petal Tea. I'm just about finished with my wrap, I just have six tassels left to sew on. A lovely lazy morning followed by a belly dance workout and then onto some other things.

I started these last night, sawing some pieces of dowel ready for a mystery swap projects for one of my lucky partners. If you've never tried sawing through dowel before, don't be put off. It's so easy, I did these on my knee *lol*

All it takes is a little shaping with a knife and a sanding block.....

to get to this point. Or points....*lol* They got their final sanding and polishing with beeswax this morning, unfortunately after this picture was taken! Any guesses as to what they might become?

I also broke the polymer clay out this weekend. I'm totally in love with these!

Pretty cane work and swirls.

And these will become some earrings, but who are they for? I love the glittery effect of the Fimo in these. I'm going to the Hobbycrafts show with my Sis next weekend and I'm hoping to restock on Fimo as I'm running short of some of my favourite colours.

I've also been having fun making beads. This is a variety of swirly beads in bicone, lentil and some good old regular round shapes. I like the effect the matt and the metallic Fimo create in those marbled looking beads. I also blended the black with a little dark pearlescent blue to get that sort of superman-y black colour. You know how superheros in comic books have a deep blue black hair colour? It makes the black a little more interesting.

I have a bit of work in front of me this week to get these sanded and buffed to a shine, and I hope they work for the project I have in mind.


ducky said...

Are you making knitting needles?
Lovely beads! I really like the ones I think are going to be the needle ends.

Samsara said...

Yay! You got it Ducky! They will be needles :-) Thank you for the compliments. I really like how these turned out, I'll get a photo of the assembled needles at some point



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