Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Equinox?

So as you can see in the photo, spring is definitely here! We woke up to snow again this morning! Obviously the usual Bank Holiday pursuits were out of the question, so we settled for the cinema this morning. M and I like the 'early bird' pictures - half price films before 12 o'clock. The best thing we could find though was the Spiderwyck Chronicles which I found entertaining, but M nearly fell asleep in. I have a soft spot for fantasy stuff though, I love otherworldly stuff - reality is just too real sometimes - I like to escape from reality *lol*
Anyway, it's time to catch up on some of my crafty projects that I've been working on. This sweet little bracelet is made from memory wire and seed beads, with tiny coloured bells for a fairy tinkle. It perfectly matches the ring I made last week and was a distracted moment Saturday night, M had fallen asleep on the sofa after the afternoons football excitements, so I pretty much spent the evening crafting happily in my nest (which is alot tidier today, as I spent some time decluttering it!).
Remember the silk tiger lilies I bought? This is the start of the head dress - I may or may not embellish it some more, I need to wear it for a few hours to see if it's comfortable or needs anything else. I took the flowers off the 'bunch' and hot glued them to a cheap plastic slide comb, adding glitter and fine ribbons.

I pretty much finished the 2 Harry Potter swap packages and they are now boxed up and ready to go. I even got around to measuring the gauge of the needles made and I burnt the sizes onto the needles with a hot stencil cutter. Not the best job but I find it hard to write with a hot tool where the point is so far away from the handle you're holding! Hey, I'm a perfectionist and the slightest imperfection annoys me.

Here's a goblet I made for one of the packages. It's slightly modelled on Helga Hufflepuffs cup - well okay, it's in Hufflepuff colours and the recipient will be able to drink Fire Whiskey from it as it can be hand washed. It's a lead crystal glass so it has nice facets cut into the glass which catch the light in real life.

And the Phoenix wall hanging? Yep, I finally finished that too. I decided not to back it with fabric, I like the translucentiness of the silk.

No HP package is complete without a wand of course; this one's made with the
Instructables tutorial, which is so easy and produces a nicely shaped wand with a decent weight to it.

I even made a couple of Hogwarts school hats to go with the packages, along with a couple of spell pendants.

These hats have a ribbed edge instead of the moss stitch edging that I've done before. I quite like each hat to be a little different.

I have a pile of packages to post tomorrow, and I have a clear crafty area for the next couple of swaps, the Easy Peasy Swap and the UK Instant Swap, both of which need a little crafty stalking on my part *lol*


Kookie said...

I'm envious of your snow!! We were looking forward to being snowbound for the Bank Hol and all we got were flurries : )

I'm loving your crafty stuff as usual, we often use our goblets : )

Kasia said...

We have snow as well down here. This month is so crazy! Love your crafty stuff! So pretty and imaginative!



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