Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!

So in the end it was a very intimate Ravelry group meeting, Just myself and Dutchoma, everyone else seemed to be busy, or struck down with the lurgy, or in the case of one, her husband was involved in a serious traffic accident, so we all hope that he makes a full recovery. The 'meeting' turned out to be very entertaining, they were celebrating St. Patricks Day in the Park, so we had an Irish band playing, and then Irish Dancers. This is the best picture I could get on my phone camera from my position on the sofa *lol* We couldn't really hear much, but we chilled out, listened to the music and watched the dancers with a cup of Earl Grey and a chocolate chip cookie. I had a few other photos but my phone camera couldn't cope with the speed they were moving, so they ended up a little blurry!
I finished quite a few projects over the week, despite working a six day week again! I've done this for the for the last couple of weeks. I can't wait for Spring Break! Here are the radish earrings finally assembled and buffed. I think they came out quite well.
And here are the stitch markers with handmade Fimo beads. I usually make my stitch markers this way, then they can be used for knitting and for crochet.
The reason I made them this size was for these needles. Well, there's just one in this photo, but you get the idea. I plan to measure and mark them with the size just below the end bead. One of the beads glued on a little crooked for my tastes, but the glue set really really hard, so at least I don't have to worry about the ends falling off *lol*
This project turned out quite well; a row counter bracelet. There are nine beads on each string and a elasticated ring of small beads that can be slipped over the beads as you count the rows. You can see a definite colour scheme here, can't you!
I've also been playing with soldering irons again. These are spell pendants - Cave Inimicum - a spell to protect the wearer from enemies. It's the spell that Hermione casts around the tent in the Deathly Hallows. The middle of the pendant is mulberry paper, hand stamped with silver ink, then sprinkled with magical glittery dust and stars. The blank one is going to be enamelled for a girl at work. She admired one that I'd made for myself and asked me for one. The two circular glass pendants were me playing around with some glass nuggets on a whim. I kinda like the way they turned out.
I've also been requested for a wizards hat so I've been knitting hard for the last few days. I've tried to make each version of the hat a little differently - this one has a slightly rolled brim and a bit of ribbing on top of that. I didn't have any chunky, so this is DK weight yarn, using 2 strands at the same time to give it a chunky texture - gotta have a hat that will stand up when needed *lol* Black is such a hard colour to photograph unfortunately, so you can't see the brim detail in the picture, even with my super duper light tent, which I am LOVING!!!! These photos were taken in my bedroom in the evening with just the overhead room light and NO FLASH!! And look, you can actually see stitches! In black!

And just for fun, (because you know I have crafting ADD, right?) I made this little beaded ring for myself using memory wire and a sweet little coloured bell. It tinkles slightly when I wear it and makes me think of that old English nursery rhyme:

"Ride a cock horse, to Banbury Cross, to see a fair maiden on a white horse.

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes.."

I know, I know, my bells are on my fingers, but you get the idea. Interestingly enough, Banbury is very near to me and I've been past the site of Banbury Cross many times; this link will tell you several ideas of where the rhyme originates.

This is something I've been working on for the last couple of days; a phoenix wall hanging - I was going for a slightly ethereal, intangible look, not completely a realistic bird, but one that was part flame. I hope that comes across and that its destined owner likes it. I just added the glitter embellishments tonight and it's still drying on the frame. I haven't quite decided on the method of display yet, I might try and find some fabric to sew it onto, or I may roll hem it and add a beaded or embellished border at the bottom to give it some weight. That was it can be hung near a window for a fluttery flamey effect. I haven't quite decided yet.


ducky said...

You are a busy busy woman!( and I might add somewhat distractable lol!) I LOVE the phoenix!

Kookie said...

The Phoenix is amazing!! I love how you made knitting needles, stitch markers and a row counter bracelet all to match. I'm going to have a bash at make HUGE extreme knitting needles with a sweeping brush handle : )

Kasia said...

Love your beads projects. So smart!



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