Monday, October 05, 2009

Bourton and Butterflies

Last week I found this great vintage warehouse, Trashy Flowers, with tons of stuff at very cheap prices and one of the things I bought was this bright green corduroy jacket which apart from a tiny stain on the back, was in lovely condition. I decided to cover the stain using a patch I got in the Hippy Swap last year from the lovely Holistic Knitter. I finally found the perfect project for it. The jacket perfectly matched the colour of the Ohm, the other little stains were covered with the use of some sequins and beads which I built up to create little flowers.

The jacket twinkles in the light now; I can’t wait to try it out!

I also raided my bead stash to create this sweet loveheart necklace. I got the beads in the bead fair at Towcester earlier in the year and I just haven’t had the time to play with them. I love the result though.

Should have made this back in February, it’s the perfect piece for Valentines Day isn’t it?

The main reason that I’d busted the bead stash out was to create a gift for my Mum for her birthday. Mum loves butterflies and I had this handmade fimo pendent from the same bead fair as the heart from above.

I also found some beautiful little cloisonné butterflies which matched the colour scheme perfectly.

and I made her a necklace and matching bracelet from memory wire.

We took her to Bourton-on-the-Water for the day. It’s a picturesque little village in the Cotswolds which has rivers running through the streets and a fantastic crystal shop.

We had a drink in one of the pubs along the river, followed by a stroll along the streets, stocking up on crystals in the crystal shop. Then we had a cream tea (freshly baked warm scones, butter, jam, clotted cream and a pot of tea) in one of the tea shops (mine didn’t have cream because I don’t eat dairy; the home-made strawberry jam was lovely though!)

Having finished my Sealife Swap gifts and my birthday gifts, I made a start on Lana’s poncho hoodie. Lana is the young daughter of Atsuko, a Craftster friend, I agreed to make Lana a miniature version of the one I made for TintedShadow and in return Atsuko is making me some steampunk jewellery – how lucky am I?

Speaking of lucky, I finally managed to book my Birthday treat from last year…I have a flying lesson booked on Sunday…hurray! In the immortal words of Ace Rimmer (Red Dwarf fans know who I’m talking about here), “Smoke me a kipper; I’ll be back for breakfast.” I’m so excited!

Anyway, tiredness is overcoming me. My Mondays and Tuesdays are very long days this year, which see me start teaching my first lesson at 8.30am, and finish at 6pm. On a Tuesday night I also have yoga class in the evening and it wouldn’t be the first time that I’d nearly fallen asleep during the meditation section!



javede said...

Your mum is really lucky cause that necklace is wonderfull!

yarndancer said...

The jewellery you made is awesome!! So beautiful!



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