Friday, October 16, 2009

Up, up and away!

This week has been really exciting for me! Last Sunday I had a flying lesson! M had bought me a lesson as a birthday gift last year, it was a special birthday and I wanted an Experience, something I’d remember and although it’s been almost a year, I finally got around to having my Experience. I took my entourage with me just like a Diva, M came with me, my mum, bruv and sis, M’s mum, M’s mate C, and my mate G with her kids! There were 11 of us all together! Do you think that’s too much? *lol* I flew in a small light aircraft, 2 seater, the pilot took off and landed and I flew the plane for the rest of the flight! I FLEW the plane!!! Wow!

It was absolutely amazing!!!!  The weather was kind of cloudy when we took off and a little bumpy, but we climbed up to be above the clouds and that decreased the turbulence and bathed us in glorious sunshine! It was so beautiful and serene, with the sunlight glinting off the tops of the clouds; it was quite a shock when the pilot said we were flying at over 100 miles an hour!

I stupidly handed my bag to my mum to hold when I strapped into the seat and didn’t get it back from her before I took off so I didn’t have my camera with me, just my mobile phone which was in my pocket. I didn’t have much time for taking photos anyway, what with flying the thing ‘n’ all, but I did get a few quick shots in when the pilot took over to land.

We flew all over the county and burned through a few clouds which was fantastic and such a surreal experience. You fly into whiteness and it totally encompasses you, it’s quite disorientating, like being in the worst pea-souper you can imagine! You could be flying upside down for all you know, it’s quite bizarre. I tried to see my house but it’s totally unrecognisable at an altitude of 5000 miles in the air. The pilot asked if I’d flown before – I said no but I was a dab hand at Nintendo! The pilot had given me a briefing before we took off so I knew how the flaps and stuff worked but I was unprepared for just how sensitive the controls were! It made me nervous feeling that responsibility, like a second lapse in concentration could have us crashing to the earth. Of course, that was never going to happen. I felt totally safe. I knew that the pilot would never let us fall! I would do it all again in a heart beat!

I was up in the air for about three quarters of an hour; the best forty five minutes I can remember! I didn’t stop grinning for days! I would love to take my pilots licence! *Sigh* one day maybe!

I’m hoping my entourage managed to get some good shots…I have these photos, my certificate and some fantastic memories…I have some photos and videos promised to me, but I have yet to see them! I’ll pass on any I get



Hookah Shisha Huka Accessories Charcoal said...
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Taz said...

What an amazing experience! Lucky you :)



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