Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rip Rip Hurray!

Saturday night my town was treated to a pyrotechnic extravaganza of fireworks, music, projection and performance by the World Famous, a travelling company which has toured round the world. As far as I know, ours was the only performance done here in the UK. What a treat eh? The display was set up in a circular arena, with the fireworks, projections etc, all set up round the edge, so you had a 360 degree view. We went down with my friend and her sons and after a long wait, finally made it into the arena.

This photo’s purely for Javede – me wearing the rainbow beanie she sent me for the IYP Swap! Look how preeetty it is!

There were projections onto a central screen, with very loud music (I was wearing earplugs *lol*) and a compere treating us all to a monologue about taking risks, and finishing with a strip tease! She was on a very high podium surrounded by fireworks as she got down to the bare necessities so young eyes didn’t get the full Monty! There were also living statues decorated with burning sparklers and the burning of the wicker men. Then came the fireworks! A surround sound, surround view, ceiling of light and colour!

What an amazing night!

Yesterday was the send out date for the Sea life Swap so I packaged up my box of goodies for Seamlessgem. I finished the Ocean Wave wrap; my first attempt at the ripple stitch, and though I had to frog it a couple of times, I finally figured it out!

It’s wide enough and long enough to drape over my shoulders and I’ve only seen one photo of my partner and she seems pretty much my size, so hopefully it’ll be a good fit for her too!

I also made a fishy pin from copper wire to secure the wrap when she’s wearing it. It looked alot more like a fish when I created it, but it kinda looked a little squished after I hammered it to anneal the metal and make it less pliable. It looks like a whale now, so I guess it’s more of a whale wrap pin!

I had an oyster shell which I cleaned up and drilled a hanging hole into. Then I glued white glass globs, little mirrors, shimmering shreds of gift packing material and a copper sheet fish motif to create a kind of hanging shrine.


Then I painted a light bulb with an underwater scene, which I didn’t get a good picture of before I sent it, and a candle burner/trinket dish

I also made an octopus brooch from felt, with little glistening beaded bubbles…

And I finished off the shell pendent I made by stringing it onto a ribbon necklace with some antiqued beads. 

I really hope that Gem likes everything. I would have liked to have made more for her, but time has just been zipping along at a fair old pace this month and my new teaching roles have really cut into my precious crafting time!


javede said...

Yay, the hat looks fab on you! Still haven't finished my own version of it...
The wrap/scarf looks great too, I can't imagine your partner not liking everything.

yarndancer said...

Great hat! All the items you made for your swap partner are fab, lucky her!!



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