Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scarefest and Stash Crafts

On Sunday, Sis and I went to Alton Towers, a huge theme park and had an amazing day. The weather was a little cold, but we laughed so hard that the tears ran down our faces. We went on all the big rides and screamed our heads off – a little fear is good for the soul after all!

I’ve managed to get a few moments to squeeze some creative projects in recently. I used a length of ribbon to create this beautiful headband.

I was going to use it as part of a tribal headpiece and it still might become part of a costume, but I also wanted to be able to wear it everyday if I wanted to, so I backed the ribbon with some black lining fabric using Sergei, and attached a tie at either end.

I took a quick break from Lana’s hoodie to make this red Meret for a friends birthday.

I love the way the centre comes together in a star pattern! My friend really loved it; I gave it to her yesterday when we all met up for a birthday lunch. I used two shades of red dk held together and the dappled colour is lovely.

Of course when I started the hat, I couldn’t find any stitch markers. There’s probably loads around the house, but I have no idea where they are! I’m sure they’ll turn up! So what do you do when you can’t find any? You make some of course! These took about 5 minutes to do and involved wrapping wire round a piece of dowelling. They worked really well, so they’re now in my new stitch marker stash. 

It’s amazing how necessity is the mother of invention eh?  Another quick project came about because I was trying to knit and read in bed at the same time. I realised I needed a page holder and I knew that I had some woven tape ribbon in my stash that would be just the right width and length. I have a downstairs page holder but that one’s used regularly, so I decided I needed an upstairs one too.

I whipped this up today in about an hour and embellished it with a printed picture of my avatar, some felt and a couple of sequins. It’s filled with rice and is weighty enough to hold pages down, but not heavy enough to be a pain when I have my hands full!

And here is an ongoing WIP. I found this little tribal chouli and I’m busy embellishing it with shells and sequins.

I’m on half term this week, I’d like to say I’m enjoying a well earned break, but I’ve been up at the same time each day getting my car MOT’d, meeting friends and having blood tests, stuff like that. I’ve been trying to do some work, but the college appears to be doing maintenance on the system, so I can’t access the network (and my files) from home. I spent an hour trying to log on and ended up painting my nails instead! Shame the flash takes out alot of the colour; they’re a deep peacock blue, with bright pink glitter and iridescent sequins!

I have nothing planned for tomorrow though, so I’m going to have a couple of hours in bed with my knitting and a book! My book holder will get some proper use then although I have used it today to hold down text book pages that I’ve been working from. Hope you’re enjoying your week! 


Littlelou said...

Just a quick reply to say my swine flu jab was no worse than ordinary flu jab. It depends on the individual but I'm not the strongest and it didnt make me ill. Just like someone punched me in the arm..wore off after 2 days.



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