Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Given in to temptation

You may have guessed that I never got the dress started last weekend. I really must remember to prewash the fabric ahead of time. I always forget that step *lol* Anyway, the fabric is now all washed and dried and waiting for a handy free time slot, hopefully this weekend. What I did do was to alter this sweet long top. I've had it for ages, I think I bought it at a festival because it was lovely and floaty and cool. I realised when I got home, however, once I stood in front of a mirror, that it really was much too big for me. It was listed as free size, and sometimes these things come up small, and sometimes large. It's been sitting on Chi'anna for ages while I pondered on the best way to do it. Darts? Chopping it? Gathering it at the back? I've been undecided for ages. You may not be able to see in the photos, but it has some pretty embroidered detail up either side of the buttons that I didn't want to lose. I also didn't want to lose too much from the length as I wanted to be able to wear it with trousers, or crops, or anything else. I finally decided to take it in at the side, drastically shaping it in at the waist and flaring the skirt part out again. It doesn't look much in the photo, but it's a 100% improvement. It has shape now rather than fitting like a potato sack.
I've also finished a few WIPS, but they're secret projects at the moment until the recipients receive, so here's a couple of taster shots with the promise of better photos to come.

Hee hee hee!

My Opal sock yarn arrived today! It's so pretty and will hopefully knit up into a fair isle design. I really couldn't resist, I've been wanting to try self patterning yarn, and now I've knitted one pair of socks, I'm keen to try again. I also got a free cable needle with it, which was a surprise. I think a higher power is trying to tell me something. I have a secret; I've never knitted cables! Maybe I'm destined to give it a go. Probably not with this yarn though, I have a feeling that it may ruin the fair isle effect. I won't be knitting them up at the moment though as I have a few other things in the pipeline.

And yes, I gave into temptation. I was sooooo determined to leave the swaps for a little while, till money was a little easier, but then the FOC secret swap loomed onto the horizon. I resisted for as long as I could; really I did. But I was lurking in the thread and it looked so wonderful, and there were so many amazing FOC's signed up and I finally caved in, hours before sign-ups closed. I have my partner now and she's a well known and loved Craftster which is a little terrifying, but I have a few ideas of what to craft for her. Here's a little teaser of project number one.

I have absolutely no idea of who's stalking me in return. If you're reading this and you read through my questionnaire and completely freaked, I'm sorry. There have been a few people freaking out in the thread, and every time I see it, I think "I hope she wasn't freaking over me!" Just craft whatever, I'm sure I will love it, and if you're really stuck, maybe Kookaloo Starr will help you out! She knows me pretty well. There, that's my conscience eased a bit *lol* I am quite stalkable, I have this blog, wists, info for swap partners and plenty of other stuff. My partner has some good wists, she posts on Craftster loads, but I haven't been able to find a blog yet. Some people have been partnered with people with no wists or blogs and have no idea where to start. That really sucks; believe me, I've been in that boat! And as this is a secret swap, you can't even question the recipient! It is fun though!


Kookie said...

oh're sending me stalkers *rolls eyes* LOL
I've joined the international silly swap - which is rather silly of me anyway as I'll probably be in bed when everyone is frantically claiming! : ) nvm,I know I'll end up with something cool anyway.

Samsara said...

Yes, I know, sorry about that! You probably won't get anyone though. I've got plenty of info on here :-) Just me panicing!



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