Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wrap it up...

Yesterday M had another tattoo, he's been whittling about having another one for a while, and got some money for his birthday and Christmas that he wanted to use. Luckily we know a tattooist that will come round and do it in your house, so I managed to get lots of action shots. Here's a during shot:

And here's the after shot. They're both admiring the work. Neither of them realised that I had taken this one, so it's a nice relaxed natural photo. D still has the tattoo gun in his hand; can you believe he did his first tattoo at 11 years old! (His dad's a tattooist also). He did a really good job and M's so pleased with it, although he has that post-tatt ache today, and his skins feels a little warm and tender (*evil snigger*)

And look, a UFO has become an FO! My beaded goddess is finished at last. Please excuse the grainy photos. I'm having camera issues. I think it's a battery problem. I've ordered another one, so hopefully that will sort it out.

I finished her last night whilst watching the Mighty Boosh Live. (I love the Mighty Boosh, if you've never seen them, you gotta check them out! I really want to see them live at the end of the year, maybe Brixton, but at £90 per ticket, I'm going to have to save up.) Anyway, I love how my Goddess feels in my hand, she's practically palm sized and is going to be a meditational tool. She's very tactile.

I managed to cut my pattern pieces out yesterday for The Dress, but didn't get around to cutting the fabric out. I did cut out the fabric for my wrap trousers though.This is the inside of the fabric, the other side is an emerald green. It's almost reversible. I used the pattern at the edge of the fabric to make a patterned hem. Hopefully I'll get around to sewing them this week.

I cast this on last night too. Do you 'cast' on a crochet project? It's the Tasseled Edge Wrap from the book Simple Stylish Crochet. It's an English book, so I'm having to double check all the stitches because I'm so used to US terminology now *lol* I had to frog it a couple of times but I think I've got the pattern licked now. It looks pretty in the book, I just hope it looks as pretty when it's done. This book has some lovely patterns in it, I particularly like some of the long lacy cardigans and wraps.

We took the Christmas tree and decorations down this morning. It's a sad day when that happens, everything looks so plain, although the plus side is that the rooms seems alot bigger again. I've also unearthed my stepper, so I may be able to shift a few pounds.

I also listed a couple of new painted glass vases in my eBay shop, including a gorgeous large sunflowered one.

I start my new job tomorrow. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon filling out all the paperwork. I'm kinda looking forward to it, as well as the terrified first days nerves that are starting to creep in. Hopefully as it's at the local college, it will lead onto bigger an better things.


Kookie said...

That wrap looks so pretty, I know what you mean about UK v USA terminology though, I still don't know if I'm doing things right when I do them but hey, if it comes out useable I'm happy ; ) and yeh, I "cast on" crochet too lol

M's tatt looks good! Matt was supposed to be getting some more done on his back last Thurs but had a bit of an episode and didn't go. grrr!

Well done on cutting out the pants and finishing your goddess, she's beautiful.
I used my new tools to cut out some shopping bags : ) didn't get any sewing done though!

Laural said...

Love love love M's tat! DH is being a crap head about me getting another one so I must live vicariously through others.

That wrap will be beautiful! I love the colors of the yarn you picked.



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