Friday, January 11, 2008

Keilo's recovery

Poor old Keilo! She went reluctantly to the vets on Wednesday for a kitty mastectomy. I had started back at school, so M had to take her. He dropped her off and we waited on tenterhooks for the vets to ring. The operation went smoothly and he was allowed to pick her up in the afternoon. We have to wait for the test results to see if they managed to get it all out, and more importantly, to see if the lumps were malignant. I feel like they butchered her, but if they managed to cut it all out, we may still have years with her, so it will be worth it. Keilos mummy (Kipper) lived with one of my best mates and she died last year of a tumour, and she was only a year older than Keilo, so you understand why we acted quickly. Look at her! She hates the collar, but it's vital that she doesn't disturb the stitches. This is when she finally crashed out , she'd spent hours running around trying to get the collar off and trying to get out of the locked cat flap.

She's a little better today, although extra clingy! I think she finds it difficult to relax with the collar on.
Apart from the drama of Keilos operation this week, I started my new job at the college. It's generally good fun, the students are full of it, one of the classes is exclusively teenage boys, so you can imagine what that's like! They think they know it all, and really, they're just little boys! It's hilarious! I've also bumped into one or two old students which is nice. I'm back at yoga and belly dancing too, which is great! I'm glad to be active again, and also to see some familiar faces.
Craft-wise, I haven't really done that much this week. I'm still working on my wrap trousers, mainly because my over locker is crap. I have worked out what the problem is though, after two evenings. One of my needles (the L-shaped one) isn't coming up and over enough, and so the straight needle isn't catching the thread. I'm going to have to see what it will cost to get it repaired. I think I'm going to get my 'Lil Brother out over the weekend and just sew them without over locking. Whilst I'm sewing, I have this beauty to recon.

I bought it for my Mum for Christmas, but it didn't 'fit' her right. The size was right, but like me, she is short, with small shoulders, and pretty much pear shaped. She just happens to be quite a few sizes bigger than me. This top wasn't the right fit for her, but with some adaptation, I can re-size and slightly shape it for me. (She gave it back to me to return it, but I've lost the receipt, so I'm going to keep it and get her something else. ) I like the fabric and basic design and I think it will look good on me as a dress rather than a top!

We had some sad news this week; DB, a raver friend of ours from the 'day' died of a heart attack. His excessive lifestyle finally got the better of him. He died in a mellow way though, after a party, so I guess that was okay with him. We often used to bump into him at festivals and he was always happy to see us. RIP DB. May your Nivarna be a mad one.


Laural said...

I'm glad that Keilo made it through okay! Still good thoughts for the tumor results. I'm sorry that you lost your old friend though.

Good luck with the college brats! We can all commiserate how annoying college employment kind of sucks. :)

Celeste said...

Poor Keilo, those collar things must be horrible, glad she made it through okay, and fingers crossed for the results.
Glad to here the new job seems okay, and sorry to hear about your friend.

Kookie said...

Keilo looks so sweet in her "lampshade" ; ) here's hoping that she makes a full recovery xx



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