Saturday, January 26, 2008

A small victory

I popped into town today to stock up on a few craft essentials and came across some bamboo sock dpns that were short and just what I was looking for. The ones I used for my first pair of socks were regular length and were really a little long. They kept getting in the way. Now I looked at the pretty needles for ages, I even picked them up and walked around the store with them, but at £5.00, I just couldn't bring myself to part with the money. There was a little voice in my ear saying that I had some bamboo kebab sticks at home which looked pretty much the same width (3mm) and they would be so easy to cut down and sand into the right pointiness. So, here we are; my homemade sock dpns, 3mm wide and 5 inches long, and they didn't cost me a penny. Hurray for craftiness!
My silk sari yarn arrived this morning. I think it got a little lost in the post because the seller said it arrived back on her doorstep the first time she posted it! The colours are a little brighter irl than in the photo, as you can tell, I'm still having camera issues. I think I'll have to see if I can get it serviced. It obviously wasn't the battery, there's a new one in there now. If anyone knows why I'm getting those lines, I would be eternally grateful!
You can really see the lines on this next photo. I made these starry earrings this morning whilst nursing a hangover and watching Stargate Atlantis. How nice it would be to have a Stargate at your disposal. Would would you go? Right now I would go somewhere sunny, a nice unpolluted Eden with no nasty predators or bugs. Point me in the direction of the paradise planet please!
I've also been having fun nuking stuff. I'm sure this isn't good for your microwave, but I make sure to put a mug of water in there too. I'm sure I read somewhere that that protects your microwave. I've got my craft drill all set up and ready to sand away happily tomorrow; it's too late to do it tonight, it'd be too noisy and I gotta think of the neighbours a little. (Pity they don't always return the consideration though)

I finished this earlier this evening too. Tech drawing pen with watercolour pencils on watercolour board. There are little dabs of microglitter added too for a starry effect. My mate has already put an order in for me to do one for her.

I've got a little further with this too. I'm about halfway through now. Striking colours eh? Remind you of anything? I'm not going to give any details away though.

You may all be pleased to know that Keilo has had her stitches out now and is fully enjoying the freedom of the catflap again. I'm sure she's forgotten the trauma of the hoodie now, though I may wave it in front of her just to see if she remembers it *lol*


jezzabell said...

thank you for good wishes in a comment on my blog, I read through yours a little and I like the things you make, all is so real, I know I will be a frequent guest on your blog, and I have to tell you the idea about sock`s needles from barbecue sticks - I was thinking about it but never done it yet, I thought it`s too easy and a bit crazy, I wish they`ll work perfectly, I will try same
take care

Kookie said...

I like your sock needles - thrifty and crafty : )
I use bbq skewers when I'm knitting with wire.
Good to hear that Keilo is out and about again too.
It looks like you're finding time to craft again,which is good! I tried nukng cds once *bad idea*

Laural said...

Everything you make is so beautiful! I'm glad that Keilo is better.

Taj said...

What are you planning on making with the sari silk? I knitted a poncho with some a few years back, but it was so heavy to wear that in the end I stitched the sides up and turned it into a cushion cover... it sits on my computer chair at home now :-)

I am pleased to her about your kitty too...

Thanks for the comment on my blog too btw :-)



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