Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

The news from the coroner is that my Uncle died from a heart attack followed by a stroke, so there's no need for an inquest. We have still to hear when the funeral is, and I don't really know whether I'll be able to attend, it depends on what day and whether I'm teaching. I'm in two minds about funerals; part of me wants to remember the person as they were when they were living, and part of me wants to support my family. My family is Catholic, so funerals and wakes are important bonding and supportive occasions. I tend to follow a different spiritual path these days which I keep private, but I am very sensitive to emotions, particularly grief and I find it difficult to function when surrounded by such high levels.
Do you like this domino pendant? I found some larger than average dominos in a car boot sale last summer and wanted to create a stamped and enamelled pendant, but the stamp I choose didn't come out very well. Not a person to be beaten, I glittered and layered the pendant with enamel to create a resiny effect and then I wrapped it with copper wire and beads for an art pendant feel. How does it look? Would you be happy to receive this?
I'm still working on my tassle edged wrap but now I've finished my FBB, I wanted another quick crochet fix. There's a 12" square crochetalong on Craftster and Ravelry which I've joined. The aim is to create a minimum of one 12" square a month based on a pattern posted by the thread organiser, and by the end of the year, you'll have enough squares to make a lap blanket at least. I'm provisionally making a blanket for my sister for Christmas next year. Her bedroom is lilac, so I'm going to keep to a basic colour scheme of lilac and cream. This is Januarys square - The Dreamcatcher. I had to modify it a little as the centre wanted to balloon out and the edges were too tight. I made the last three rows 2DC rather than dc + 1 ch, which would have given a lacier effect but made it tighter for some reason. I've done half of Februarys square, but I need to get some cream yarn to contrast.
Next week is my bellydancing classes half term (my half term is not till the week after, but she also works in a couple of other counties, and their half term is earlier) so no class next week, but I have bought my ticket for the Bellydancing and Burlesque show on the 15th February. We're having a girlie night out, no guys allowed. I'm looking forward to it :-)
I love a good excuse to dress up!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and my students have been getting very excited. They have tomorrow afternoon off and although they are disappointed that they won't be able to go home and get their Red Packets (containing money gifts) many of them have parties planned :-) This year is the Year of the Rat - Happy New Year to any of you who celebrate the Chinese New Year!


Solorn said...

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my Pay It Forward gift. It's already a favorite part of my wardrobe and my daughter is intent on stealing it from me! I've started my batch of PIF items now and I can't wait for other people to have the nice surprise I got when I received an unexpected package.

Love, light and bright blessings.

Samsara said...

That's great Solorn! Glad you liked it! I really wanted to send you something you couldn't or wouldn't do yourself, and I know from past swaps that you don't knit or crochet :-)

Kasia said...

I love your new pendant! It's lovely! Wow, you see, I'm such a bugger and only now realised that you're belly dancing, that's a thing which I've been rambling about for a while, but never had time to get it done.
My family is Catholic as well (ok, no surprise there - I'm a Pole) so I can feel with you.
Take good care!

Samsara said...

Thanks Kasia - you should get into bellydancing - it's such good fun and you get to dress up *lol*

Kasia said...

oh, I want to get into it very badly... the problem is that I have hardly time to breathe lately ;) Working 24/7 is rather time occupying ;) I need to knit sometime :P
Please feel free to borrow the picture!



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