Monday, February 25, 2008

Ravelers in the Park!

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure to be part of the first Ravelry Northants group meeting held in the Abington Park Cafe. Dutchoma, Nightcrickett, who brought her excellently behaved son, Max, Catknit, Honeygirl, Funkypixie and myself all took over a corner of the cafe and chatted and knitted for a couple of hours until hunger and the cold (for me I'm afraid - I can't tolerate the cold and my hands had started to seize up). There were a few sock projects on the go (including mine, the Fake Isle socks), because they are just sooo portable, Dutchoma was knitting a prem baby outfit, and Funkypixie had a very complicated lace pattern going on. I can't do lace without total concentration :-) I meant to take photos with my phone camera, but I forgot and so I found a stock photo of the cafe in the summer - I wish it had been warm enough for t-shirts on Sunday.
I had to take my socks to do, because the only other fibre project I have on the go at the moment is the Tassel-edged wrap, which is much too bulky to carry round to work on, and is nearing completion (you'll all be glad to hear!) I'm at the sewing tassels stage, and like many crocheters, I find this the most tedious part of the process!

(By the way, I also met up with GOK last week too, she made lunch for me in her fabulous Gothic basement dining hall and we talked for hours!)

I just want to be finished and done so that I can wear it, and move onto the next project, which I have already decided will be a scarf from the same book. I ought to photocopy the pages because I'm terrified of renewing it at the library and being forced to give it back mid-project *lol*

Now, I know you're all interested in the dress?! No? Well, I'm going to bore you with it anyway. Look, I've almost completed the bodice! Yay for me! I love the comfortable and tactile feeling of corduroy, and the embroidered corduroy is lovely!

M and I ordered the Bourne Ultimatum on PPV (pay per view) last night and whilst I was watching this, I finished and embellished the scarf I made to go with my Kublai Khan hat. I was inspired by a very expensive stocking stitch scarf with sequined embellishments that I saw in Accessorize for about £25. This is my version. All from my stash. Cost = nothing. It's lovely and long and will wrap round my neck about three times *lol*

All those beads and sequins are hand stitched onto satin ribbon, and then the ribbon is stitched onto the scarf.

I can't wait for a certain someone to receive a certain package!


Kasia said...

What a fun! Ravelry meeting sounds so good! I love your dress, what pattern are you using? New scarf is so pretty, the ribbon with stones/beads gives a lovely touch to it! You're so talented!

Samsara said...

Thank you :-) The pattern I'm using is McCall's 5317 Are you on Ravelry Kasia?



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