Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you all had a sweetie to shower you with loving attention this Valentines Day. Mine gave me a single red rose, a bunch of flowers (which I ended up having to split into several recepticles as I only posess one small vase), and a bottle of vodka which he called my card. Now, I know he had actually forgotten by the 'rabbit in the headlights' look which he sported in the morning, but he made up for it later. What can I say? He's had alot going on this week - I've been out alot and he's been audited twice for work (one of which earnt him a payrise) so I'll forgive him. He doesn't usually forget. We celebrated the day with my card :-)

I finished the details for my FBB by lining it with some matching fabric

Including a neat little pocket

and a hand embroidered flower pin detail which is entirely removeable so the the pin can be worn as a brooch.

I made fresh pasta from scratch this week. Check out my 101 blog for the details. My Uncle was buried but I wasn't able to get the time off to attend the funeral. It was Valentines Day, so M and I toasted him with my card.

Last night I went with the girls to the Bellydance and Burlesque night. No pictures I'm afraid as I am still sans camera I said you would get very sick of me complaining about my lack of camera but it was a great night. The theatre is the tiniesy little place you can imagine. It's part of a row of old Victorian terrace houses, the two up two down variety, the bar was in the front room, the stage and seats in the back room. Very small. You were definately up close and personal with the performers *lol* The whole show was very low budget, but utterly charming. It made me think of the early days of theatre, in very small, cheap venues. No flashy set, no expensive musical accompaniment, the acts were introduced by a costumed narrater who climbed off the stage and back into her seat on the front row between acts. We had belly dancing, tribal, Egyptian and cabaret; we had poetry, we had tableaux vivant, burlesque dancing, and musical performances with performers singing along to their instruments. It was mostly a female audience with group of gay, transvestite (and one possible transexual - no-one could be sure) friends. We took the opportunity to dress up to the nines, with plenty of sparkles, basques, long flowing skirts and in my case, big boots and stripey tights, but I think I was the exception *lol* We drank lots of wine, admired the technical expertise of the performers, complained that no-one dressed up to go out any more and laughed alot. Chris' husband picked her up afterwards and very kindly gave me a lift home afterwards so I didn't even have to brave the local taxi service (which I had steeled myself very reluctantly to do). Time out with the girls is good. No-one even mentioned football - hurray!
Today has been spent in catching up with a few chores (boo), hula hooping and yoga (hurray), adding flowers to my tassle edged wrap (hurray) and entertaining M's friends who are round to watch the football (boo). They are keeping my wine glass topped up though (hurray). C has promised to come round and do a bit of tree surgery for us this week as I'm off all week on half term (double hurray and party poppers!)


Kookie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic girlie night out : )
I think it must only be us "older girls" who dress up for a night out...I went to 2 wedding lat year where people turned up in jeans and t-shirts!! what's that all about huh?! When I wore my Docs I wore my white and gold ones with flowers in the laces ;)

Matt doesn't "do" st Vs day so obviously I don't bother now. His reasoning is that he tells me he loves me every day so he doesn't need a set day for it *lol* wonder what his excuses with his exs were as he wasn't one for the "L word" before he met me ; )

Your FBB with the felt brooch looks gorgeous : ) My older sis would LOVE that green!



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