Saturday, February 23, 2008

Once you pop, you can't stop!

My soap experiments appear to have worked well. This is my half and half soap, stripped of its Pringles tube mould. In case it was a bit soft, I took the precaution of freezing it first. The wrapper came off easily and the soap cut well. This is what I looked like before I cut it. The orangey half is the half with the palm oil, scented with patchouli oil. The creamy half is the part without the palm oil in; just coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and rapeseed oil, with amaryllis and ylang ylang essential oils. I try and avoid palm oil when I can; the palm oil industry is responsible for the slaughter of many Oran utangs and the destruction of their natural habitat, and as a vegetarian, and animal rights activist for many years, I just can't bring myself to finance that sort of industry. I don't know why I bought the first jar; it was a moment of weakness - I desperately wanted to try soap making and didn't want to use animal fats. If this experiment works, I won't need to use palm oil either - hurray!

I've had a thumping headache for the last day, one of those horrible between the eyes sort of headaches. I'd like to think it's hormonal, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's got more to do with my current addiction with my DS Lite. I've been guilty of playing Narnia until the wee small hours, yes, brain-draining instead of brain-training. I can feel my IQ diminishing as we speak! I managed to get past a really sticky bit that had been holding me back and now my sons of Adam and daughters of Eve have been merrily dashing around Narnia, bashing all the White Witches wicked minions. I also managed to get my Gamecube set up in my nest, so tonight when M is shooting stuff on the PC, I'll be taking Harry Potter round Hogwarts :-) We share a craft/hobby room, the PC is in one end of the room, and my nest with all my craft stuff is in the other end of the room. Usually I craft when he's on the PC, but occasionally I fancy a bit of gaming too, and I don't want to play downstairs on my own. I plan on getting a bit more done on the dress this afternoon. I'm currently piecing the bodice together.

Oh yes, you'll all be pleased to know that M was paid yesterday and so I have ordered a new camera! Hurray! This is the little beauty that is currently winging it's way to me courtesy of Amazon! I can't wait for it to arrive. 12 mega pixels of Fuji technology!

I tried my hand at making my own falafels this afternoon too. The recipe and stuff will be on my 101 blog. They were so yummy and so easy to make, and much healthier than ready made ones, because I baked them rather than fried them, that I think I will never buy ready made again!


Kookie said...

The soap looks/sounds good : ) I'll take a slice out of the middle please half an' half *lol*



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