Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

This is the Easter Bank Holiday - the first of the year and in Great British tradition, we have spent yesterday and today in the garden :-) It really needed it - the garden was a mess! The BF fixed the gate which had been mashed in the gales and I mowed all the lawns - front, back and side! It seemed to take forever, but after that I was on a roll and did some weeding and trimmed the edges of the lawn. Then I discovered my new favourite garden toy! The BF has been hiding a small axe from me! Yippee! Chop chop! Our house was the show home for the estate and so the developers stuck loads of cherry laurels in the garden, which, by the time we moved in were about house high, thick and dense. The garden got no sunlight at all and the grass was virtually dead. We have spent the last few years chopping down and removing said trees to allow everything else a chance. We even discovered a beautiful cherry tree (which is just about to burst into blossom). The only thing is that the developers didn't put enough topsoil into the garden so there is hardcore just below the surface and therefore it has been impossible to dig out the roots of most of these laurels. We've had to chop the trees down and use that stump rot stuff to try to stop them growing. They are permanently putting out new runners though, so I've been chopping them off - hee hee! Great fun. Also, the neighbours put up the Berlin wall last summer, a massive fence which is so ugly. I nailed some garden twine up and have just planted some climbers along the fence so hopefully we'll have something nicer to look at this summer. Honeysuckle, passionflower and jasmine along the fence, and then I planted a couple of pots on the patio, containing sweetpeas and some wallflowers which Bilblio sent me for my Birthday last year, which I should be able to train up aswell.
Joe, Keilo and Pippin seem to be missing Rankin - they have been looking for her for the last couple of days and have been a little clingier than usual - she was their cat mummy I guess.
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, the BF is doing the local Easter Egg Run - all the local bikers ride round town distributing Easter Eggs to needy kids. He's one of the marshalls this year, which he'll love! He gets to stop his bike in the middle of the road on the route to stop traffic whilst the bikes go through. Mum and Dad are having a BBQ at their house (first of the year) so hopefully the weather will stay nice. I'm going to walk down with Joe and the BF will meet me there when he's finished posing on his bike! The BF's Mum has already left an Easter Egg for each of us - I guess the diet will go out of the window this weekend! *lol*
I've been hard at work crafting for the OWS 21, and also for the Harry Potter swap. My partner wants a set of robes - I'm finding it hard to fulfil this wish. The only pattern I could find was from the USA and was a childrens pattern, so I ordered it and I guess I'm going to have to make them bigger. I'm having trouble finding some suitable material though. My town has lots of sari shops but lacks regular fabric shops. I still have a little time though, so I might pull it off yet!


Celeste said...

Glad you made use of the seeds, you're far more organised than me, mine are still sat in an envelope waiting to be planted. Next week I'm hoping for a fine day with some spare time to plant up all the seeds I've planned for this year.

Samsara said...

Celeste, I think you have enough on your plate with your Blip on the way! You can be forgiven for prioratising your nursery *lol* Hope you're well at the moment! And thank you again for the seeds!



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