Thursday, April 10, 2008

Belt up...

I finished my ruffle corset belt yesterday and gave it a trial run at dance class last night. It's a good fun piece, fairly lightweight compared to my coinbelt , so it gets the thumbs up.
It was finished while indulging in yesterdays guilty pleasure...The War of the Worlds Stage show! *lol* My friend lent me a copy on DVD and you'll be pleased to know it had nothing to do with Tom Cruise but was in fact the musical by Jeff Waynes. I remember loving it as a child and this was just as I remember it, Richard Burton narrating (posthumously obviously), lots of lighting and special effects, sadly without David Essex, but still good. I sang along lustily to many of the songs, just as I did as a kid; my Mum and Dad bought it on vinyl when it came out! Talking of vinyl, I felt so old last week when one of my students was talking about 'those black cd things they used to have in the olden days'. *Pah*

Today my new memory card arrived for my phone. I wanted to upgrade the size so that I could take better photos and have more music on the mp3 player, so I ordered a 1gb card. I tested on todays walk with the Hound of the Baskervilles. This is the camera on its old settings, about half of what it's capable of.

And this is the camera on its new setting. Much better quality.

I still need to play around with it a little, but I could take photos and listen to music without having to cart loads of stuff round with me. The photos aren't as good as with my proper camera of course, but good enough for those spur of the moment shots.
Oo yes, my swap parcel arrived from KathleenAlice. Check it out here to see what she made for me :-)

And lastly, today is the 10th Anniversary of the Flooding of Northampton, an event which claimed 2 lives and meant that M and I lost everything we had. As a childless couple we were not offered alternative housing and none was available anywhere in the county. M and I spent 2 years living in one room upstairs in our house. The ground floor had no flooring and we had to walk across a plank to get to the stairs. We had no heating, no kitchen and we, a dog and a cat lived in the most primitive conditions in a damp house because all the builders were deployed in the houses where families would need to return to, since obviously they were more important than us. Most people were moved to alternative housing, so there wasn't many people left in the area. All the local shops had been flooded so we had nowhere to get food from. Our car had been flooded and was useless, so it meant an hours walk to the nearest food shop. The waters in our house came up to my armpits and when we eventually got rescued (by boat) I had to wade through the icy water carrying my cat in a bag over my head. M had to carry our dog. The front door had swollen with the water and we couldn't open it, so the firemen had to kick it open in their boat from the outside. Memories. Now we live at the top of a hill :-)


kasiaiscarly said...

thanks for stopping by my blog from ravelry! what an awful story about the flood :( i can't believe you & your partner didn't 'count' for lack of children. . . how appalling!

The Holistic Knitter said...

The corset belt is fantastic ... ;0)



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