Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fellowship of the Felt

Did I mention that during Spring Break I had a Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon? The trilogy is one of my favourite - both the books and the films. The nice thing about the films is that they are a visual spectacular - a feast for the eyes. I love to drink in the scenery, the costumes and everything else - it's so inspiring. Since then, little ideas keep popping into my head. I woke up one day with a burning desire to recreate an Elven brooch, like the ones the Fellowship are given at the start of their journey. Luckily I had a leaf shaped cutter that was just the right size, so I filled it with green fibre and got out my felting needle.

Stab, stab, stab, till a nice felted texture has been achieved, making sure to turn it over and repeat on both sides and the edges. Then I felted a vein in another shade of green, and embroidered it with silver thread and beads to emulate the silver on the brooch. There may be another version of this at some point - it didn't come out exactly the way I wanted.

I also made these using the same technique. Very Hobbit like! I can just imagine Merry and Pippin fighting over these lovely mushrooms.

So there are my geek projects for this week. I'm sure there will be many more to come :-)

The weather has been more clement this week, so the Hound of the Baskervilles has been able to enjoy the odd small treat in the garden. He's a big dog, so he prefers big bones, and he's completely perfected the technique of holding them between his paws for optimum chomping! Isn't he looking at me suspiciously?! I think he might be scared that I want his bone :-) One day when the archeologists dig up my garden, they're going to think it was a dinosaurs burial ground! *lol* Not that there's much left after Joe's been at them.

Today was such a nice day that after running the vacuum around the house and giving it a quick dust, I was keen to get in the garden and do a bit of work out there too. I was actually able to go out there in short sleeves and I believe that I may have caught the sun too, just a little! It's mostly just chopping and weeding and turning the ground over at this stage, but once that was done and the lawn was mown, it looked a lot better. I couldn't manage to get a picture without the dogs bum in it, so you'll have to ignore it *lol*

I'm off to a party tonight so I'm going to jump in the shower now, wash off the days hard toil and get glammed up!


ducky said...

Love the felt leaf and mushrooms! I think I'm due for a LOTR marathon too. Just need a rainy day or two to give me a reprieve from yard work. I can tell your dog has a good life ; )

The Holistic Knitter said...

Love the leaf and mushrooms ... and the beautiful dog ;0)



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