Monday, April 14, 2008

It's all gone a bit Pete Tong

Okay, so I admit, I spent most of Saturday with a hangover; with M out, I spent most of the night getting merrily drunk, dancing round to Pete Tong on Radio One and surfing on the net. (I remember M coming home after the piccies briefly to pick up his Didge; the boys were so inspired by the Rolling Stones film that they all went back to D's to make 'sweet music' together.) Not much crafting was done that night, but I did spend Saturday happily tucked away in my little crafty nest with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathon session on DVD.

I made this sweet little button brooch from my button jar stash, using my trusty hot glue gun and glitter!

I made this cute little toadstool bottle cap pincushion for a future swap...
Just felt, with little french knot spots.

I also painting lots of glass, including this little shroom pot...also for a future swap...

And this little heptangle starred tealight burner. This is my Arwen inspired glass. The heptangle, seven pointed star, is also known as the evening star, or fairy star, and Arwens symbol is a seven pointed star. I also painted lots of other glass, which shall be going into my eBay shop shortly.

I've been spinning off and on for the last few days. This is as far as I've got. Not as good as dragonflyducky's, but maybe one day! I may have a go at plying this with some gold thread and beads! *lol* I haven't even finished spinning it yet and I'm already planning the fancy finishing!

I found these old earphones the other day. The foam was perished and I nearly threw them away, and then I began to wonder; could I crochet some new new ear pads for them?

Well, it appears that I could! I just crocheted a circle the right size to over them, then I did a row with no increases, and then a ring decreasing which keep the cover in place.

Snug as a bug and much prettier than black foam! :-)

Here is the progress I've made so far on my Pink Sorbet. I can see this is going to be a slow project; I have to count. 'Nuff said!

Yesterday was the Ravellers in the Park meeting again. I took a couple of phone photos, but to be honest, they're pretty crappy, so if you want to see the fun and games, check out Micheles photos and also Velvets. I did take knitting, honestly, even though most of the photos show me drinking tea. Here's what I was doing. I pretty much got to the toe decreases yesterday afternoon, and then finished them (okay, one) last night whilst watching the Colour of Magic :-)

Gotta figure out this toe grafting business though!


Laural said...

Those headphone ear pieces are awesome! Actually everything is awesome!

Bektold said...

Oooh, spinning. I've been wanting to try that!

Kookie said...

Stunning glass as usual Ginny! and like Laural said "everything is awesome" : )

ducky said...

Your yarn looks great! I'm a mess with a drop spindle. The crochet headphone covers are brilliant. And yeah-what they said-everything is awesome! I'm especially partial to the mushrooms
: )
You sure get a lot accomplished!

spider said...

Just came over from the Ravelry blogging train. WONDERFUL headphone ear coverings!! Bet you'll get folks asking where you got them.

Nice spinning, too! For that matter, a really nice blog overall. So glad I stopped by.
Cheers, Jenny



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