Sunday, April 06, 2008

Swap goodies and FO's!

Now if I was to post a photo of today's weather, it would be exactly the same as two weeks ago. Yes, we woke up to snow again! Is there a pattern forming here? One week snow, the next week sunshine, then snow, then...sunshine? Shall I plan a picnic for next Sunday? *lol*

This week has been good for receiving swap packages! I've had two spectacular parcels, the first was in the UK instant swap on Craftster and was a box full of gorgeous bellydancing accessories from PurpleHeather, and the second was a parcel full of Harry Potter goodies from PattyCat in the HPC group. The theme was shopping in Diagon Alley and amongst the goodies she sent was this amazing Quidditch top that she made for me.

How cool is it?

And I realised that I never posted a photo of my 12 inch granny square CAL March square, so here it is.

I also finished the flower and mesh patterned scarf which is from the same book as the tassel edged wrap that I recently made (Simple Stylish Crochet) I decided to do it in normal DK rather than the very chunky wool recommended, so it's alot shorter than I think it would have been, but that's okay. It's the right sort of size to wear under a spring jacket as it's not too bulky. I also decided to go for a simple fringing, although I may change my mind later.

I've now finished Tanzas gift for the Easy Peasy Swap and it's all wrapped up and ready to be posted tomorrow. The main part of the gift was an altar cloth for her.
The centre has a pentacle and triple moon goddess design, whilst the outside has a sort of organic swirly green design.

There's a Celtic Triskle in each corner too.

I spent the whole of last night trying to finish this. All I had to do was do a roll edge around the outside to bind the edges of the silk. A simple enough job on my 'Lil Brother you'd think! First the thread kept snapping. Then the needle snapped and damaged the overlocking foot. I didn't notice at first and snapped another two needles before I realised what was happening. I took the foot off and examined it. There was a big gauge out of it, with a sharp edge that the needles kept catching on. Hmmm. I didn't want to give up. I needed to get this finished so I could be ready to post on Monday. Just how hard is a sewing machine foot? As it turns out, not too hard! I grabbed my wallet of needle files that I use in jewellery making and sawed away at the offending part until it was smooth again. Then I stuck that foot back on and carried on. Hurray! I finally got it done. I had to sacrifice one edge of a corner where the machine chewed it up, but I got it done! The air was a little blue by the time I was done. I think I remember shouting "I hate you" at it at one stage *lol* Ever get like that?
I coloured in the dragon that I'll be sending her too.

So this leaves me temporarily with a fibre project. I like to have something on the go and I found the perfect project for that lovely cotton I found in the charity shop last week. This is a pattern from a magazine that I've been wanting to do for ages, and I have just enough of this yarn to do it. Hopefully! I then realised that it takes 2 sizes of needles and one of them I don't have. I think I have every kind of size except 7.5mm. So that project's on hold until I get a pair of needles that are the right size.

So this is my filling in project. The ruffled corset belt from the Happy Hooker.

And I am a Happy Hooker at the moment. Why am I happy? Because I'm on holiday!!! Yay! Two glorious weeks where I can craft to my hearts content. I have this sari fabric sitting waiting for me to play with. I've had it for ages, and I'm determined to do something with it. It's a little sheer to wear without lining though, so yesterday I picked up this turquoise lining fabric. I'm thinking of a pair of long loose trousers maybe. Or wrap trousers? I'm not sure how to sew two fabrics though. Do I sew them together? Ah well, I've got a couple of weeks to work it out!


Laural said...

Enjoy your break! All the projects are great. The stitch pattern on the scarf is adorable!



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