Friday, April 11, 2008

A Rolling Stone gathers no...Fungi?

Well, the last couple of days have gone by so fast I struggle to think where the time has gone! Why doesn't work go this fast? This week is practically over and then we're into next week, and then I'm back at work! *Pah!*

So yesterday I woke up to this sight. Is this not the epitome of frustration? This is Pippin entranced by the wood pigeon sitting on the tree outside the window. If this was a video shot you could listen to her doing that 'nananana' sound to herself whilst her jaws practice the killing bite that would snap that wood pigeons cheeky throat! Imagine, sitting right there, taunting her! Bold as brass! How dare it!

She kept me company whilst I created my new ID lanyard. I have to wear ID at College and they give us this very naff blue nylon neck thingy to wear it on. Not my style at all. So I decided to make myself one suitable for my style. The first thing I needed was a strong magnetic clasp - sorted with a trip to Hobbycraft. A magnetic clasp was needed for health and safety purposes; I've worked in various psychiatric establishments over the years and I'm too aware of the dangers of garroting weapons. The next thing was a swivel clip. I butchered this cord which we got with our VIP passes for the trip to Thruxton last year.

And created this, using hematite beads salvaged from various necklaces my Mum has passed onto me for recycling, plus whatever beads I had in my stash. I love the little star beads!

Much more me! At least when I go back to work in a week, I'll go back in style! Created whilst watching 'Skins'. I love that programme! It reminds me so much of being a teenager and young adult. I'm so glad I don't have to live that life again. But I'm glad I did. The whole out of control thing; music, art, alcohol, drugs, dance and sex, was wild, beautiful, scary, and totally fantastic. It made me the person I am today. I have stories that would make your toes curl; would certainly make my Mums toes curl, but maybe we all have those.

I also cast on this last night! Pink Sorbet. Yes, I got the needles I required. Can you believe, I made a tour of the local charity shops and couldn't find a 7.5mm needle anywhere. I had to actually buy a pair! Yes, a new pair!!!

It's a lace pattern, so I won't be taking this to the Ravelry group meeting on Sunday *lol* I think my sock project will get another outing! I find it hard enough to concentrate on the pattern whilst listening to an audio book without anybody talking to me :-)

And the obligatory springtime shots? Right here mate! Look, my tree stump in the garden has been colonised by fungi over the winter! This is the girls sunning stump. The stump they jump onto to catch the late evening sun, or to jump over the fence. It looks so pretty. I wonder how long the fungi will last? It used to be a Cherry Laural tree and it gets the sun all day.

Our Bleeding Heart is flowering. It's one of the first signs of spring!

Today I went to the farmers market in a neighbouring Roman town. I bought a little beeswax for vegetarian soap making purposes. I resisted buying these very cute and colourful fairy cakes. Sorry, the colours aren't as bright as IRL. They were very pretty. I didn't manage to find the wool shop I wanted to though. Knew I should have taken the address! *lol*

I received an amazing swap package from Tanza containing two DS lite cases and a bag of old jewellery to reconstruct! She knows me too well! I asked for dragons and boy did she fulfil my wish!

And this evening M went on a 'Boys Night Out' to see the new Rolling Stones film. When I heard them discussing the best way to sneak beer into the cinema and laughing like school boys, I knew that I probably wasn't invited! I got the feeling that this was gonna be a binge night! As he left, I said, 'have a good night and try not to get too slaughtered!' His reply was 'and if I do, make sure I don't come home...'

I guess we understand each other *lol*


jenfromRI said...

That lanyard looks great - so much more stylish than nylon. :) I love the belt for your dance class too.

Kasia said...

I love the picture of Pippin! She's such a cat beauty!

Kookie said...

evil birds teasing poor Pippin like that *lol* I love to hear the "bird noise" that cats make : )

The corset belt came out looking lovely,especially with the bells.



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