Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mycology much anyone? Swap spoiler alert - Angels walk

You may have noticed a theme in my crafts recently. One of the swaps I'm doing at the moment is a mushroom themed one, so I've been in a mycologistic (is that even a word?!) mood whilst I've been crafting. This is a bag that I'm crocheting. It's going to be sort of messenger style bag, and it's already alot bigger than I originally intended *lol* It's kinda theraputic crocheting away with it though. I change stitches regularly to keep it a bit interesting. I'm crocheting it in the round - it may have a flap cover, it may have a zip - I haven't decided yet. I'll probably thread some ribbon through the spaces there and I'm thinking about a pocket and a mushroom applique too. I'm basically just winging it. I tend to do that alot *lol*

I carved a mushroom stamp from an rubber at the weekend (as a break from crocheting) and last night I made some cards with the stamp. I had originally decided to do them on cream card, but I thought that would make the cards look a bit incipid. I made some handmade paper for mounting the shroom images onto, so I wanted a background colour to made them stand out a little. I finally settled on this deep red. The handmade papers were made from tea, junk mail and daffodil and iris papers. Half the mushrooms are stamped in metallic copper and half in metallic gold. Then I edged round the cards in coordinating gel pen.

I claimed nofury for a domino pendant from her wists and this where I've got to with this project. I love this sakura fabric - I received it in a personal swap with a girl in Japan last year and I've been hoarding it. I decided that this was a good enough reason to actually cut into it. I still need to drill a hole for the bail so that I can thread it on a thong. The gold on the fabric is a metallic gold so it's quite shimmery. I had considered sealing the top with varnish, but I'm worried about losing the contrast in textures between the metallic and the matt material. What do you think?

Here's a random shot. I was in the garden with my camera and M whipped it away from me to take a photo of his Harley, then snapped this quick when I wasn't looking. Me (in my Short 'n' Sweet and my new necklace from Jojo), Joe and Pippin!

Then Pippin stalked a beetle across the lawn.

I had a bountiful week through the post - check
here to see all my goodies :-) One of them was also the reason why I was in the garden with my camera! Friday night I'm off to my friends for an evening of wine, munchies and dvd's! I'm taking 'the Colour of Magic' round...




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