Thursday, May 15, 2008

Give me a ring!

I've treated myself a couple of times this week thanks to good old eBay! I've always loved Nag Champa Incense, it has a wonderful sweet smell that lingers after the stick has burnt down, and I recently found this Nag Champa perfume by the same brand. It smells gorgeous! I also ordered some patchouli perfume, but it doesn't smell of patchouli at all, so I'm quite disappointed!

I also spotted this fabulous carved amethyst ring which I just couldn't resist! Unfortunately I have tiny fingers so I can only wear it on my right hand index finger (my largest finger) but that's okay with me :-)

Typically the sunny weather didn't last and we're now in the middle of the rainy season again. This means that the garden is growing madly, so we'll be having to cut everything back by the time the weather is nice enough to get out there again. I think it's forecasting sun for Tuesday! I drove to work in the pouring rain this morning and was followed a a motorbike which was bobbing about behind me. It really unnerved me - I'm really 'bike-aware' as M's a Biker, but this guy kept moving from my left to my right, then he's go into my blind spot, then he'd go into the next lane. I couldn't tell where he was and daren't make a maneuver. It was a relief when he finally overtook me and I could see where he was. Honestly, riders like that are destined to be hit by a car. They just don't realise. It's hard to see them in daylight, never mind when visibilities bad, and you just can't hear them if you have the radio on. Well, you can hear M; his motto is 'Loud bikes save lives'! I actually don't think that the pipes he has on his bike are legal! They're so loud! They're custom imports from the US and you certainly know that he's there!

I've managed to catch up on a bit of crafting though. I finished one animal panta and nearly finished another. I realised later that the ears on the first panta were stupidly close together and I'm now in the process of frogging those ears back and replacing them at a better distance apart. That'll teach me to knit whilst watching a film! The black one is a knitted kitty panta, and the brown one is a crocheted bear band. They look kind of cute on, so I'm now debating on making some for myself! That'll give M something to groan about! He's used to my eccentric ways though!

I've been really good about finishing stuff off this week. My shroom now has button details!

The mycology bag now has a handle, ribbon detail and a mushie applique motif.

I'll soon be ready to post these things off to sunny California. I have a couple more things in the pipeline for the parcel and I'm still waiting for Angels Walk to give me her address as she's just moved. I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's been a busy week. I fancied going to the local folk festival Friday night, but we don't have any money and it looks like rain, so maybe it's a good thing *lol* I have plenty of crafting to keep me occupied though!




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