Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bring me sunshine!

If you happen to frequent any English blogs, you'll have gathered that the weather here is gorgeous at the moment. Proper sunny! It's the first real sunny spell we've had this year, so it's foremost in our thoughts and in our blogs. The sun is shining, everywhere is blooming and absolutely everything feels wonderful. I sat on the grass in the grounds at lunchtime today in the glorious sunshine, a sundress and sandals on, iPod in my ears and despite the fact that I was surrounded by lolling students, I felt on top of the world. Bring it on summertime!
So it's time to catch up on the world of craft in my little patch of merry old England. I dried my Kool-Aid dyed yarn and wound it into a lovely little ball of colour ready to be used. It still smells wonderfully fruity.

I've finished quite alot of the Mycology bag. I added a pocket whilst watching the Golden Compas with M on Monday night. It was only afterwards that I noticed that I'd put the pocket on the wrong side. See that ugly seem at the top right hand side? I really wanted that to be the back. Maybe I'll add the handle and the decorative ribbons wound through those holes and see if I can still notice it. As I put this down to photograph, Pippin laid down next to it and stretched out her paws to grab it - it looks like she's trying to nick it! This may still end up as the back. It'll just be a back pocket.

I also crocheted a pop top mushie - did I show you this already? I can't remember now. Still, it's all sewn together and stuffed. I just need to sew the buttons on it.

Remember the thick enamelled wire that I bought from the electronics shop at the weekend? I made this with it. I just wire wrapped some random crystal beads on it. They're much more twinkley in real life.

I finished a couple of OWS packages this week too. I claimed nofury for a business card holder and made her this from felt, with some vintage lace and some leaves appliqued on it.

Here it is laid out. I like the vintage lace with the beads. I think it looks like white tree blossom.

Here's the inside. Hopefully it'll serve it's purpose for her.

I also sent this domino pendant - finished at last.

And I claimed Witcheybelle again for some tree art. This is what I came up with. I used technical drawing pen and watercolour pencils, with a bit of gold ink brushed on the branches.

I wonder if she'll notice the treebeard like face on the trunk? I was actually a little reluctant to see this go, but I hope Wondra will like it. I also sent her a whimsey jar, but I forgot to take a photograph before I sent it. Silly me!

My current OWS WIP is some animal pantas for Dragonsmuse. This one will be a black kitty. I've been toying with the idea of making one of these for myself, so I'll be seeing how it turns out!

I finished the polyclay pendant I'd been working on. The experimental one? It seems that you can drill through polyclay and domino. I added a bail, varnished it with aging varnish and added some acrylic jewels.

When I get a few minutes to play with my new soldering iron, probably at the weekend now, I'll be edging this to make a pendant with. It's a glass fossil pebble that a friend made for me years ago. I used it like a worry stone for a bit and then, as things tend to do, it sat in a drawer for ages. I came across it the other day and decided that it would make a wonderful pendant. I've edged it in copper foil tape and it's ready to go.

I have one day left this week and then it's the weekend again. I hope the weather stays like this! The Hound even got an evening walk to rabbit field! I have a doggy ice lolly freezing for him in the freezer for the weekend, so he'll be keeping his paws crossed for nice weather too!


javede said...

Wow, you've been quite productive.
I like everything you made, but the tree art is my favorit! Wish I could draw...

Samsara said...

Thanks Javede, nice to see you back again! :-)



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