Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back to square one

Well, the BF returned on Wednesday morning. The job turned into a completely different job to the one he took. He took one that required 2 weeks away training, with his own local-ish area to cover after that, and maybe a couple of nights away a month, which he believed he could handle. It suddenly became 4 weeks away training, and he would be covering the whole country meaning at least a couple of nights away per week. So he is again looking for week after deciding that this job was not for him. He gets homesick very quickly. I though we might be able to get straight for a change *sigh* I meanwhile, have been doing the most boring job in the world. Invigilation. In a stuffy room full of teenagers for hours at a time. Not able to read, or knit, or anything but watch them scribbling away. I snuck my mp3 player in a couple of times and hid the earphone lead amongst my hair. *I love having long hair*. Having said that I caught a cheat the other day. She had scientific equations written on the palm of her hand. Silly silly girl. She will get a zero for this exam and risks being banned from all examinations by that Board.

I received my parcel from Rain this week for the End of Harry Potter Swap . Such gorgeous goodies including a Gryffindor quilt! *Squeels* Click on the link for piccies of the fabulous things she sent me! I feel like I've been waiting forever for these and had almost given up hope. I was convinced some muggle had got their sticky mitts on it!

This week I've been constructing! I've been after an A4 deckle and frame for ages. I found one on eBay for about £18, but there was no way I was paying that for one. So like any good Craftster, I made my own.

The wood cost me about £1.20 from B&Q. The net curtain was free - I found it in a suitcase dumped by a fly-tipper, so I took it home and washed it - eco and economically friendly. Total cost - £1.20. I cut the wood into lengths, hot-glued it together as I didn't have any wood-glue, and stapled the joins for extra secureness. Then I stapled a piece of net to one of the frames. I plan to soak some paper and have a bash at some bigger sheets of paper this week!

I also fancied a bottom whorl spindle. I hear they're easier than top whorls, and the one I have is a little light weight. It won't spin on it's own and wants to spin back the other way immediately. Anyway, I hot glued 2 CD's together and then hot glued them onto a piece of dowling. I carved a point on one end and a groove on the other. I painted it too, but I haven't quite finished decorating it, so no pictures of the finished spindle till I'm done. You can however, look at the unpainted spindle.


Karan said...

You have been a busy bunny *shudder* did I REALLY say that?! Let me know how the A4 paper turns out, I've only made little sheets myself and if bigger ones work out ok I can make envelopes from it : )

I LOVE YOUR HP SWAP QUILT!! I'm always stunned when people send each other quilts.

Laural said...

Yay for crafty resourcefulness! I can't wait to see your fully painted spindle! Sorry to see that you are back at square one with the BF's job situation and that you are stuck doing one of the most boring jobs in the universe.



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