Monday, June 25, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring.....

And yes it's still raining here! I think we're well into a month of continuous rain now. This does mean however that I'm being very productive on the craft front. We've also been offline for the last day or two which has been tortuous *lol* router problems. There's nothing worse than not being able to check your e-mail.
There's not been too much going on here. I watched a bit of Glastonbury on the telly. I didn't get that festie feeling though. It just seems so commercial these days. I remember being young and carefree, and hitching down to Glastonbury with a small rucksack full of sleeping bag, tent and cider. We would head down there early in the week and bunk over the fence (hardly even six foot in those days) and spend a week completely trashed, dancing our socks off, mooching round the festival, chilling in the green field, and haggling for goods and food. I never had any money, I usually spent the first day or so hair braiding and that would give me enough money to have a good festie. Ah, the good old days. No responsibilities, no job, no mortgage.
Anyway, I finished my Short 'n' Sweet. It was plain sailing after that first little hiccup. I love this leaf motif. I may even make another one of these. Am I a masochist?

I did a craft fair on Saturday. It wasn't very busy, so I had time to start the Light and Lively. This is what I managed at the craft fair. They had live music, a BBQ, drum workshops, story-telling. It was a good day, but not for selling. I went because I knew the organiser and it was fundraising for her daughters school. In my experience, the parents of very young children don't really buy glass, so I wasn't expecting to sell much.

It kind of looks like a bikini at this stage.

This is where I am with it today. Cups, bodice, back and one strap done. I'm not sure how much of this blue I have, so I'm doing all the key bits first, then I can add an accent colour if I have to. I'm thinking of this light green on the granny square. I haven't decided if I'm going to add the square yet, or where, but I like the colours together, so I may embellish the edges of the tank with it too!

And whilst the BF was watching the Ricky Hatton fight (boxing, yeuch) on Saturday night, I made these for Mini for the OWS on Craftster. It's a bottle cap pincushion (I'm really enjoying making these at the moment) and a matching needle case. I hope she likes them.

I was in town today (crap job interview) so I popped into the library and I couldn't believe it when I came across this!!

My library hardly ever has new books in! And I've been coveting this on Amazon. I definitely would like to knit some robes. Hell, who wouldn't want a long black pixie hooded jacket? When I have some money to get the yarn, there'll be no stopping me. I quite like the Molly Weasley housecoat too, with the multi-coloured sleeves, but I think I need to adapt it, coz even though I love it, I can't think of when I would wear it.


Karan said...

OOH, any chnce of a pic of the Molly housecoat??

Looks like rain again here JUST as I'm ready to head out of the house again (happens every time!)

Laural said...

Congratulations on finishing your short and sweet it is adorable!

I can't wait to get that book either!



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