Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I spend alot of time mentally blogging as I go about my daily activities, only to forget them all as I finally sit in front of the computer. Does anyone else find that? Everything I've seen, done or thought about magically vanishes like a puff of smoke. Sometimes I think I should write about this or that, and dismiss it - "no-one would be interested about my boring day to day life" I think. But reading other peoples blogs, I notice that it's their thoughts and descriptions of their lives, as well as what they've been doing that makes blogs such fascinating things to read. Especially if they're in another country. Anyway, random thoughts like this occur to me at bizarre times of the day and night. The waking dreams of an insomniac. Catchy title, huh?

Today I spent some of my precious time at the local job centre with the BF, who is alas, still unemployed. It's a truly depressing place. They can pretty it up all they want, give it a lick of paint and bring in organisational experts to make it run like clockwork, but it'll never hide the fact that peoples hopes die in there. No-one smiles. It's horrible. But I did have an epiphany in there. "How do you feel about leaving this town" I whispered to the BF. He looked at me and smiled. "Where do you want to go" he whispered back. So, that's decided then. We're going to look for jobs further down south. I like Wiltshire and Somerset. Fingers crossed.

This is a strand of mystery yarn. I found a lovely poncho thingy made from some gorgeous soft yarn in a charity shop. I couldn't find a label on it anywhere but I was convinced that it was wool, and if that was true I could dye it. I've got Kool-aid and I know how to use it! I unravelled it and I decided I'd dye it yesterday. But, before I did that, I thought I'd confirm that it was wool, or at least a wool blend. This strand's been sitting in undiluted bleach for at least 24 hours now. Yep, that baby's 100% synthetic! Absolutely no wool in there what so ever! Dammit! And that is why you should always do the bleach test before you tackle anything that has the potential to permanently dye your kitchen random colours. Wool will fizzle and disintegrate in bleach, people! Synthetic won't! So I have to decide what do do with all this yarn that is a lovely ivory colour. It's nice and soft, but just not my colour.

And just for Karan here's a picture of Molly Weasley's housecoat from Charmed Knits. Well, if I made it, it probably would have a purple body. And although I love the fluffy sleeves, I know that I would get irritated with them real quick, so mine probably wouldn't be as flouncy. Or have those silly cuppy bits on the shoulders. Yikes! What's that all about? I love Weasley knits, but I don't want to look down right ridiculous *riddikulus* I do looove the technicolour sleeves though, so I may make an adapted version.

And talking about Karan, here's the wonderful layered legwarmers she made me for the OWS. Thanks Karan!

Here's the Wizard Robes. I know that I can't be sad in wanting these because they actually have adult sizes in the pattern guide. So there! It'll take about 17 balls of wool though, so I won't be making it just yet. It looks really easy though. Stocking stitch for most of it, moss stitch borders at the hem and cuffs, and up the sides. I really like the bell sleeves and the pixie hood. This is quite a wearable pattern really. Well, it is for me!

I fancy making some wrap trousers. I have some really lovely purple Thai silk ones, which I adore, but I daren't wear them for everyday use. I've been contemplating my stash and this fabric in particular. I think it's an African fabric, or maybe it's from Thailand or Malaysia. It's woven, not printed and it has a slight sheen on it. I picked it up at a jumble sale years ago and I've never decided what to do with it. Hell, I practically had to shove a granny out of the way to get to it *lol* Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but I was keen. I'm thinking it has a good weight to it which is great for wrap trousers as they tend to flap if the fabric's too lightweight and no-body wants to see my thighs *no sir-ee* I don't even want to see them. The BF thinks I should make a skirt from it instead. I'm favouring the wraps.


Karan said...

I know exactly what you mean about the mental blogging then it all disappearing when you sit down to type : )

I want a Molly W cardi (yeh it should be purple) and Wizard robes, I might have to buy the book. I'd deffo wear the big sleeves, but I'd do away with the flappy bits on the shoulders.

That fabric SCREAMS wrap pants doesn't it? what a lucky find.

Moving down South could never be a bad thing could it?!
If it wasn't for my laddo we'd move away from here in a shot.

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

ha ha ha-- you don't want them to look "ridikkulous!!" That's hillarious!

Celeste said...

I do the mental blogging too, most of the time actually but I rarely seem to get any further :)

I love those robes, I wouldn't wear them full length (not often anyway) but I could wear a shorter version anytime. I might have to track down a copy of that book. Thanks for showing the pictures :)



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