Friday, June 22, 2007

New threads

The weather here is awful at the moment. We're talking a months rainfall in several hours here. Today was dreadful, so we've been sort of housebound. The BF played pc games all day and I played with my 'lil brother. That's my sewing machine btw.

I made a kimono style hoodie based very loosely on one I already had. I had this gorgeous micro-fleece and as I'm skint and stash busting anyway, that's what I used. I sort of turned my old hoodie inside out and pinned it to the fleece, then cut roughly round it, changing the shape where I wanted to.

At the moment it's fastened with a vintage silver brooch that belonged to my Mum, but I may add ties at some point. I just love this fabric and it's so soft and snuggly! I like that using a brooch means I can fasten it loosely or snugly depending on my perceived body image of the day - today I'm having a fat day, so it's fastened loosely *lol*

I also had this pair of cropped trousers that I bought last year when I was on holiday - I went on a seal trip and got totally soaked. The seaside town I was at was practically pre-historic and the only clothing shop I could find seemed to cater exclusively for the over 50's. Anyway these were the best I could find, so I bought them. They are really not my style. They're elasticated and tapered for goodness sake!!!! Sorry I have no before pictures. (Phew!) They came to just above the ankle, so I cut them off to just below the knee , hemmed them and used the material I cut off to cut a couple of star shapes. I used my sewing machine to applique them to the left leg using a herringbone stitch, then embellished them with some glittery textile paint. The picture doesn't show it very well coz it's black on black, but I think they look great...

And I made this set of display shelving from some clear cd's and hot glue. They are now in my bathroom showing my shell collection off! Recycing, Yay!


Karan said...

BLIMEY! you made the most of being stuck inside during the rain.I commented on the hoodie over on Craftster, love it, I never find any good prints - and the printed fleece in Boyes had DOGS on it ---whats that all about huh?!
The cd case shelves are a handy little project, I ought to make some for the desk, I tidied it, it didn't stay tidy :(

Samsara said...

The fabric came from eBay! We only have granny stuff or sari material round here *lol*

Karan said...

OOOh I'd love sari fabric for my wrap trousers! Can't get that here. Cheap poly/cotton usually and the dog fleece ; )



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