Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Short 'n' Shit

The weather's been a bit erratic lately. Today it was warm enough to sit in the garden with my crocheting, and even more, sunny enough to burn! It was a real family affair in the garden. The BF was cleaning his Harley, Joe, Keilo and Pippin were all sunning themselves and I was working on my Short 'n' Sweet. What a deceptive name. It's sweet till you get to about row 8/9 right hand front. Then, she's a bitch. I've frogged this bloody thing about half a dozen times. And half the time, I think I was following the pattern correctly. Those of you that have done this pattern will know exactly what I mean. But, I persevered and have got past the nightmare bit. I did have to add a little bit on, kinda winging it slightly, to get it to the point where I believed the pattern should be, so I've done the top back, each front top and have joined the back and fronts, and I'm now crocheting in one piece. I must admit, I do like how it's turning out, despite all the cursing it has taken to get me here.

I'm determined not to be beaten!

And this was the view outside my studio window at 8pm tonight. Yes, we had a mad thunderstorm to finish off the days sunshine. I said the weather's been erratic! It's June for goodness sake! It should be long sultry summer evenings, not storm conditions. I think there was even a tornado off the Norfolk coast last week! We humans have seriously f***ed the environment up. I would be in despair at the kind of world we're handing over to our children if I had any. We're guardians of this planet. We don't own it, we're looking after it for our children.

And here's another WIP shot, an Indian elephant lantern I'm in the middle of painting. It'll probably be for my ebay shop.

The computer died tonight. Rest in pieces. I think the fan burnt out. The BF is gutted, but happy that he's discovered the source of its recent unstability. Luckily (for me *mwahahahaha*) we have a wireless router, so I can still connect to the internet via my lovely little laptop :-) The BF threatens commandeering it tomorrow to source a new fan.


Karan said...

I like the title LOL and the garment in question is progressing nicely : ) I think I'll wait awhile before I attempt it!
We got a lovely storm last night too. I LOVE thunderstorms, but I'm sick of the damned rain!

Samsara said...

Actually, it's quite straight forward apart from one little bit which took me ages to figure out with the help of Craftster threads and the erratum pages :-)
I love storms, but I'm sick of the rain too

Laural said...

Ok well that's it then I'm never going to stitch this pattern! I, even with the errata page, had such a damnably hard time with the crochet wrap from wrap style that I can't take it again.

I love the elephant!



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