Thursday, July 19, 2007

Easy Rider

We just came back from the Post Office to find this!!! Pippin asleep on the Harley. The bike wears a cover when it's not in use as it lives on the patio (grrr!) and she was on the seat *lol* He was not amused!
Also, my car went through it's MOT first time! Yippee! *happy dance* I've never had a car go through first time before :-) I'm soo relieved, I've been stressing about the MOT and it's potential cost for quite a few weeks now. That's a weight off my mind. I'm totally legal for another year now.
And yet more good news, the BF will get his new van on Saturday for the job he starts on Monday, so he'll be able to get up to Birmingham and back every day whilst he training. I hope he likes this job. He's been out of work for so long.
I finished alot of the OWS swap stuff this week. Here are the snoods I made for Frosty. I used the same patterns that I used for ZaftigMomma's, just in different colours.
I think the red one is my favourite. I really like this pattern.
It makes a nice starry centre pattern.

I posted Riario's stuff today too. Some recycled pot scrubbers from plastic bags, some fruity fabric, and because there wasn't as much of the fabric as I thought, I also made her some camera postcards. She likes cameras and I have this lovely antique camera stamp.

I also posted ZaftigMommas crochet hook roll and stitch markers, but no pictures of those yet till she receives them :-)

I was organising my knitting and crocheting patterns the other day and realised that I'd outgrown the folder they were in, so I made a separate folder for the knitting patterns. I covered a very old naff ring binder with recycled purple tissue paper and sealed it with glittery Modge Podge. Then I stuck a gold foil chocolate wrapper on the front and made a kind of acetate pocket into which I slid a pretty greetings card I had for my Birthday and didn't want to throw away. Making a pocket means I can change the card if I want to.

Love it!

This is what the postman bought me this morning. It's a latch rug kit. I belong to a swap site where people swap their junk for other peoples junk. I swapped this for an old cordless doorbell. I used to do this sort of thing as a kid. I've probably still got the latch hook somewhere *lol* It's a good mindless project you can do in front of a DVD if you want to. The only thing is, I think the people it came from were smokers, so it's airing in front of an open window at the moment.

I'm making good progress on my fan shrug too, I'm now on the decorative stitch that goes round the middle.




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