Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dyson down

Aaargh! I got home this afternoon and the BF told me he plugged in the dyson and it went bang! Nooo! Please don't tell me my funky purple and pink dyson is dead! I shall have a look at it tomorrow, I hope it's just a loose wire....*sigh*

Anyway, whilst the cosmic joke that is my life continues, I continue to find solace in my crafting.

Muria received her stitchmarkers from me in the OWS 23. I posted Twiztidblood's tissue box cover and grocery bag caddy yesterday, and as June is officially over I signed up for the next round. At least this way I can swap a little according to my budget.
Here's my June page for the Craftster Altered-Page-A-Month-Along. I chose a combination of Shakespeare and Roses for this months theme, and combined the two with one of my favourite quotes from Romeo and Juliet:
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet."
Cool sentiment Bill. If only people could apply this ideal to everyday life. People are people, whatever their name, race, religion. We are all sweet smelling humans.
Well, I promised to make myself a tissue box cover and here it is. I liked the one I made for Twiztidblood, so I made one for me the same. Different colours though. This one will co-ordinate with my living room.
And here is my latest project. I wanted to make a travel backgammon set to take away in the caravan with us if or when we can ever afford a weekend away, or if the rain ever stops for long enough *lol* I've got loads of this yellow felt, so that's what I used for the base. I marked around a regular board and cut the triangles out of complimentary felt (orange and red). I glued them into place using a dab of fabric glue and I'm in the process of appliqueing each triangle by hand. Then I will embroider the edge of the board and the dividing line with embroidery silk and sew on a back piece of felt to cover all the stitching. I haven't decided what I'm going to make the game pieces from yet, but I'm leaning towards fimo.
I quite like that it's Gryffindor that really sad? Is there such a thing as Wizards Backgammon? I admit it, I'm in the grip of Potter fever at the moment. The film is out next week and the BF has already bought our tickets for the first showing here (as a surprise for me, what a sweetie he is!). He jokes that he is a Slytherin - he's never read the books but says that thanks to me, he's seen all the films more times than he can count. And yes, he was sorted into Slytherin when he took the Sorting Hat Quiz. It's only a couple of weeks till the book comes out. My copy has been pre-ordered since it was possible to do it with Amazon. I'm more excited than an adult probably should be *lol*
Whilst the weather is less than magical, there is the briefest of sunny spells which allowed me to come across this magical fairy ring in Rabbit Field, a field in the Country Park near me. That's not its real name, but there are so many rabbits there that the dog likes to chase. Luckily they move too fast for him to actually catch one, although he did find a dead one once!


Karan said...

ARGH!! the curse of the electrical appliances is upon you.
I've had to have a new washer and a new kettle this past month, what's number three to be? I hope its the iron cos I can live wrinkled ; )

The game board is looking good! I must admit I suck at board games, my sister bought us THUD! for Xmas 2 years ago and we haven't played it yet.

Samsara said...

Iron? What's that! *lol*

Laural said...

I hope your curse isn't as bad as the light bulb curse. Cause you know when one goes they ALL go. I love your page and quotes and the tissue covers are adorable!!

Celeste said...

Oh no! not the Dyson. I love my Dyson, even if it is green. Hope it's not completely dead.
The backgammon board is fantastic, a cloth one is a great idea. Unfortunately would be useless for me as blokey refuses to play (as I always beat him.) We stick to cribbage and scrabble when we go camping.

Karan said...

Iron : Useless wedding present, possibly makes a good bookend ; ) (as defined by Cotterill Dictionary)



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