Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hooks and Hallows

The last couple of days have been a sort of come down. I've read the last Potter book in the series and there is no more. Well, no more apart from the Harry Potter encyclopedia that Rowling has 'promised' which will fill in the background to alot of characters she was only able to skim over in the books, and will probably fill in those annoying gaps at the end of the Deathly Hallows. She apparently has realms of notes on each character. I did love the book though. I read it solidly on Saturday, determined to finish it before I encountered any spoilers. My brother texted me Saturday though telling me 'the owl did it!' Pah! Little brothers eh? They never grow up.
The BF is enjoying his new job. He took a First Aid certificate yesterday, so he is now a qualified First Aider! *Eeekkk!* Anyone need the Kiss of Life?
BTW, if anyone is interested, I have posted a tutorial for the body butter on Craftster.
Since ZaftigMomma has now received her OWS swap parcel from me, I can post what I made her. She wanted a crochet hook roll and stitch markers, so I made her a set in her favourite colours and in a fabulous velvet fabric.
Here it is rolled up
Here's it opened with the pretty butterfly lining showing.
Front unrolled
Inside with flap down
Stitch markers
I have at last finished the Fan shrug I have been pattern testing for jjgirl. I love the lace detail, and thought the pattern needed a little tweaking here and there because I made it a little bigger than the pattern she wrote, it all went smoothly, with no confusing bits, so I'll e-mail her tomorrow and let her know.

It seems as though most of the UK is currently under water. Luckily, we've escaped the worst of it this time, though as a past flood victim, I know exactly what they are all going through. I'm not that materialistic, but to lose all your possessions is not nice. The sentimental stuff was what I regretted the most. Photos, certificates, phone books, vinyls, stuff that was irreplaceable. We lived for 2 1/2 years in a semi-derelict house because we had no dependents and therefore didn't qualify for rehousing or any other help. We had no cooking facilities, no heating, no fridge or freezer, no washing machine, and lived upstairs in two rooms. The ground floor had no flooring, the floorboards were taken up to aid in the drying out. We were given a camp stove and a kettle and that's what we lived off for 2 1/2 years. We also lost the phone, the gas, the car, all our furniture and possessions....Oh yes, and the BF lost his job too because the place where he worked was flooded and never re-opened. Times were very hard. Our thoughts are with them.


Karan said...

I won't go on and on about how FANTASTIC the hook roll and markers are but they are BLOODY FANTASTIC :D They couldn't be more me!!
I'm rather peeved that your jewellery roll hasn't arrived yet :( but in another way I'm glad cos it doesn't seem good enough compared with my hook roll!!!
I WILL make another one for you and resend but I can't promise it will be soon, too much "headstuff" getting in the way at the moment and crafting and life in general are taking a backseat.
I will make it up to you though, I promise.
The fan shrug turn out very nice, I love the lace pattern and the green you used is a lovely shade too.
Re: HP, I didn't look at my phone or emails or any blogs until I had finished LOL

Laural said...

I'm glad to hear that the BF is enjoying his job!

The hook roll and stitch markers are wicked! Great job on the fan shrug too!

DH came home this morning all sad (he reads HP on his lunches at work) and said "you should have warned me about Doby."



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