Saturday, July 14, 2007

Going Pott(er)y

Good news for a change, the BF got the job he went for on Thursday! That will help to relieve things a bit! I just hope that he can stick at it. As long as they don't suddenly change the job completely and make him stay away from home, he should be okay. *Crosses fingers* He's on a high at the moment and hasn't stopped talking about it. I like it when he's happy.

We went to see the Order of the Phoenix on Thursday. It is visually stunning, but a much darker film (literally and metaphorically) than the previous ones. Of course a lot of that has to do with the nature of the storyline and if you've read the book, you'll understand what I'm talking about. I'm not about to spoil it for any of you who haven't seen it yet, but I am going to tell all you knitters out there that there are copious amounts of knitwear candy. There are several pieces that I wished I could pause the film and get a better look at, but that's what the DVDs are for *lol* For all you non-knitters out there, there is a lot of eye-candy too. The children are growing up, and we're starting to see muscles forming under those school uniforms...and of course, there's Sirius too.
Here's my wand, it's cherry and golden nargle resin. *lol*
In the Muggle world, it's known as Fimo.

I've been hosting some pottery parties today. It's one of my *ahem* sidelines. Since my school is on holiday till September and as a part-time teacher there, I don't get paid unless I work, I can't afford 4 months unpaid holiday in the summer, so I do bits here and there to try and bring a bit of cash in. It wasn't so important before Christmas as the BF was working full-time too, but when he was made redundant at Christmas, we really felt the pinch. Anyway, after the last party had finished, I had an hour free time at the Studio, waiting to see if there was any passing trade. There wasn't, so I had an hours uninterrupted free time to work on my fan shrug. I've now done the back, each front and am starting the band round the middle. I did have to juggle the rows a little for the front pieces as I'm doing it a little larger than the pattern called for.

I wasn't sure about this stitch when I started, but I like the pattern it's forming.

My scales finally arrived so I was able to make a start on the cold process soap! the only thing is they are faulty and kept turning themselves off whilst I was weighing the ingredients out. It made it a much more stress experience than it should have been. So here it is, my coffee and vanilla soap. It looks really orange and I'm hoping it won't stain my skin, but I suppose it beats fake tan! *lol* It also smells like cow poo. Actually, it smells like henna, which is really weird! I hope that smell goes eventually. I want the lovely vanilla coffee smell I had when I was making it. It's sitting on top of the fridge-freezer in the kitchen, curing.

I got a couple of claims in for the OWS 24 and have made the recycled pot scrubbers for Riario. I like the black and silver one, very classy. The only thing is that I have a shortage of plastic bags that I can use - I'm far too 'green' to not use re-useable bags and I usually have one on me to use instead of the plastic ones. I hope they do the job okay.

I'm off to my mates for the evening. We're going to have as girlie a night as it's possible to have with a truck driving, biker chick. Okay, we're going to get drunk and gossip all night *lol*


Laural said...

Tell the BF I said Congratulations!! The soap sounds like it will be wonderful, if it stops smelling like poo. Great job on your first soap!



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