Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beret nice!

Wow! I finally finished bkrenning4's beret. I can't believe how long this thing took! And I only made a medium too! Imagine how long it would have taken if it had been a large. It's quite an intricate crochet job involving a small hook, lots of lace and puff stitches. I really hope she likes it. I'm not really a slow crocheter and I reckon it probably took me around 25 - 30 hours non stop hooking to Terry Pratchett audio books in the garden.

I'll stick it in the post to her tomorrow morning along with LindsayLuu's package which includes two watercolour paintings and a CD of vintage ladies images. The paintings are inspired by one she had in her Etsy favourites which kind of looks like the one below.

I made the next one to go with it because I like to display pictures in pairs. I guess it's my little bit of OCD - I like symmetry. Yes, I am one of those people who will straighten other peoples crooked pictures and move things on mantle pieces so they balance! It bugs me to distraction if I'm not able to *lol*

Even though they are not exactly my tastes, I like the first one, with the four trees. They kind of remind me of sweeties. Jelly Tots or Smarties maybe. I get so involved with swapping I forget to paint, so it's nice to do a little project like this sometimes.

I have an OTT (one tiny thing) to do for Javede - I think I know what I'm going to do. I've now finished another IYPHP for Karan and another thing for Solorn for the Autumnal Colour swap. I'll try and get a photo of that tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I'll be at Jewellery class again and this week we're going to have a go at Cloisonne (weehee!) and Thursday night Mum and I are going to have a card making session. I'm going to try and get all my Christmas cards done and written, so that I can hand them all over to Mum for her to hand out on Mum and Dad's pre-Christmas travels (my family are Londoner's, so most of our relations live that way.) I bought a pack of ivory coloured card stock all ready, and I think I will be going for the vintage look this year, ivory, gold and sepia. I try and come up with a different design each year and make all the cards the same. I've persuaded M to give me a lift there and back, so no doubt there will be a little wine involved in the evening. Stick 'n' Bitch! Nice!

I also have a craft fair booked for Saturday. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. I wonder if I could get me one of those Time Turner thingies like Hermiones?! And Sunday, M and I are supposed to be going to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. We were supposed to be going Bank Holiday Weekend, but after Sunday at the F3 races, M was knackered and didn't fancy another long drive. They have a seahorse breeding programme at Birmingham and loads of jellyfish 'n' stuff. Coool!


javede said...

Love the beret! Did you use a pattern? As if I don't already have enough projects ;-P

I probably should stop reading your blog because of the OTT...
Going to PM you later, because I'm not sure about my OTT idea for you.

Samsara said...

Thank you Javede, you don't need to stop reading my blog because I know you peep, so I won't post any piccys till you've got it *lol* and the pattern is a free one from Lionbrand You need to register with them to see the patterns :-) Enjoy!

Samsara said...

I've embedded the link in the post now, so that should take you there!

Karan said...

The beret is gorgeous ... another to add to my neverending to-do list : )

The tree paintings are lovely, espesh the first one and yes, I thought Jelly Tots when I saw it!

Whilst you were sat outside crocheting to Terry P, I was sat inside rewatching Harry P, I had a wicked cool idea for another biggish item for you and I'm working on set of smallish items today. Need a break from the "big one" which is coming on a treat : )

Jenni-Raie said...

i like those paintings... very creative. at first i thought they were made with buttons!



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