Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bombs away

This week I have posted a pile of swap goodies and I have received a pile of swap goodies. Thank you to Laural, Velvet Rose and Pretendpeterpan. Karan received her Cheer Up goodie box, so I can post some pictures of what I sent.

Remember the white dominoes I bought at a car boot sale the other weekend? This was the first thing I made with them. I painted the domino with a pearlised paint, then stamped a starry background and embossed a star motif. I them covered it with embossing glaze with some glitter in and finally sealed the whole lot in clear nail varnish.

I made a wire bail for it, them strung it on a beaded chain.

I made some bath bombs last week and sent one of those too. These were made with citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, olive oil, cornflour, dried flower petals and essential oils. They smell lovely, although I accidently put a little too much oil and and had to wait for them to dry out properly before I sent them. Hopefully they'll still fizz though!

As Karan loves stars I tried to make it a really starry themed package, so I also made her a starry picture frame. I love all the textures in this frame!

And some scented chunk candles for a nice candlelit bath. I love making candles! I enjoy melting or burning stuff. I think I'm a bit of a pyromaniac! When I was a kid, my Nan had a coal boiler and I remember chucking sugar in to watch the pretty coloured flames! *lol*

And I have a confession to make. *Hangs head in shame* I went to Hobbycraft and this was on sale there for 99p a ball. 100% pure wool! It's a lovely deep burnt orange! So I have started my Ginny hat. It gives me something to do whilst I'm listening to the Deathly Hallows on mp3. It's knitted in the round and is quite an easy pattern, although the bit she calls an eyelet round is just a k2tog and doesn't make much of an eyelet, but I guess I'll be able to see where to force thread the contrast yarn through *lol* Orange is not really a colour that suits me but this is a darker, more reddy colour, so I think it'll look okay on me.

Oh, yes, I also learned how to make a strike out in HTML! It was something I needed to learn for my 101 list blog, which I have now finished and posted if anyone's interested. The link is on the sidebar on the right. Blogger doesn't provide a handy button for it like it does for colour and bolds and stuff.
It's my 'little' (he's twice my size though!) Bro's birthday today, so we'll be off there tonight for drinks and general merriment. No work today luckily, as I have a million things to do!


Karan said...

OOOh The girl in the Bead Shop complimented me on my lovely "glass" pendant : ) I told her it was specially made for me by a friend ; )

Samsara said...




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