Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me!

It's my 1st Anniversary today! I've been blogging for a year now and I've quite enjoyed it. It's like writing a letter to a friend regularly *lol* It's also a great way of looking back and seeing what I've done this year.
Anyway, the weather was again very nice (Wow! Two days running. Must be some kind of record ) so I was able to get into the garden and finish the bulbs and candles I started yesterday. The great thing is that when the weathers warm like this, they take next to no time to dry in the sun. These will be for my eBay shop. I've been selling quite a few of the marbled light bulbs recently, so I thought I'd stock up.

The embellished dinner candles are also popular, so I did made some of these too. They're all drying nicely here.

When they're completely dry, I'll wrap them in a cellophane wrapper and tie a decorative ribbon on them. They're quite relaxing to make. I'm currently listening to the Terry Pratchett books on my mp3 player so I had a nice afternoon of painting and story listening. I'm on 'Equal Rites' at the moment. I love audio books and always have a story on at least one of my MP3 players. I keep one on my bedside table because they're a great way of passing the night away if I can't sleep. Sometimes when my mind is in overdrive, I pop my earbuds in and listen to a bedtime story. This can be enough to help me drift off to sleep and I quite often wake up in the morning with my player battery dead and the earphones glued to my cheek :-) I have The Hobbit by my bed at the moment, read by John Faulkner who also used to narrate the Bagpuss stories! Ah Bagpuss, another of my childhood favourites.

In the Craftster Colour Craftalong, August's colour theme is orange which is not a colour I usually wear, but I kind of like this hat that Ginny's wearing. Okay, okay, yes, I have a soft spot for Ginny, I'm a Weasley at heart! And what better way to meet this months challenge than an homage to my namesake *lol* I have a slight problem though. I have a massive yarn stash with almost every colour under the sun except orange! I have a ton of yellow for some reason. I did promise myself that I wouldn't buy anymore yarn till I'd destashed a little, well, alot actually. I might have to overlook that promise and buy a bit of orange with my fingers crossed. Yep, great idea. *Mutters to self* Keep my fingers crossed and it won't count. Cool.


Celeste said...

Happy Anniversary
I love the light bulbs what a great idea.
I have the same problem with orange, it's possibly my favourite colour, but I never seem to have any in my stash, I think it's because it's not generally that popular a colour so places don't tend to stock it.

Karan said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY : ) I wonder if I'll make it to a year or get fed up and move my blog elsewhere again?? lol
The Ginny W hat is really cute and if its really cute then buying yarn doesn't count at all ; )



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