Saturday, August 18, 2007

Todays letter is B

Today's Scribblings are brought you by the letter B, which stands for:
Books - I love to read; I'm an avid reader, we both are actually. I have three floor to ceiling bookshelves which are literally crammed full of books. These are a couple of shelves for your perusal. We have fiction, autobiographies (M likes sporting auto biogs), non-fiction reference books (DIY, gardening, cooking, etc), art and craft books, text books, all sorts in fact. We bought the house we're living in at the moment because M said he was never moving my books again! Mind you, he can talk, he has a stack of books on the stairs at the moment that he has recently acquired. Yes, the stairs. We're overspilling. Must release a few into the wild soon.

Bathroom: Here's my teeny tiny bathroom. It was the first room I decorated. We inherited the bathroom suite and couldn't afford to replace it, but I kinda like the green. White seems sort of clinical don't you think? We also inherited the tiles and have kept them for the same reason; I will replace those when I can. I wish the window was bigger though. It's the one room that could do with more natural light. The walls are a lovely pistachio green and it feels nice and restful in there. I have lots of candles in there for candlelit baths. I don't tend to have many in the summer, but it's a great way to relax in the winter, and I really do need to relax more.

Bowl: My sister gave me this bowl many years ago, it's very ethnic and primitive - maybe Mexican or African. I think it's been hand-built - a coil method I should think by the weight. I love the shape and colours. It lives on my faux wood burner and sometimes has a candle in.

Breakfast: I like to vary my food, this was this mornings breakfast and very tasty it was too. The recipe is on today's entry on my 101 in 1001 blog. (link is on the right hand tool bar).

Bodrain: I kinda play the Bodrain (Irish Drum) - I say kinda, because I'm not that good, it just fascinates me. When M plays the Didge, I quite often accompany him on percussion, drums, clap sticks, shakers, stuff like that. We used to be in a band together called Bushfire and have performed live in front of an audience on more than one occasion. I need dutch courage to do that though. I'm quite a shy person normally. It was good fun practicing, but we had a Prima Donna in the group, who used to take over and do impromptu solos, or change things though a performance, so you lost track of where you were. M and I eventually left and the band fell apart. My drum lives on my living room wall coz it's so pretty! :-)




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