Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bottle Holders and Skeins

Sunday was so lovely that I was determined to enjoy the sunshine outside, and as M and his mates seemed to be watching the 'Big Game' and other various sports TV, I decided to crochet a bottle holder for this big sports water bottle that I was given free in town last year. I've never used it because it's a litre bottle and too big to hold comfortably in my hand (I'm cursed with tiny pixie hands *lol*). I figured if I had a holder for it I would use it. I wanted something that would have a wide-ish strap that would be adjustable so I could wear it across my body, or on my shoulder or even as a hand length. This is what I came up with. I used purple and pink DK weight acrylic together and a large hook. I crocheted a circle large enough for the base, then carried it on up the sides in sc. I did a couple of dc rows for pattern near the top, finished it in a crab stitch for a nicely chunky edge and crocheted the strap lengthways for strength. I added a couple of d-rings to the other side.

I've been using it for work for the last couple of days. It works really well and is comfortable to wear. I had a few comments about it too.

These are the stitchmarkers I made for DragonsMuse. She wanted a semi-gothy purple colour theme, so these are a lovely purple and silver and she will be able to use them for knitting and crochet.

I posted them today along with the Halloween Jack beanie. Hopefully Royal Mail not withstanding, she will get them soon. I also posted Karan's Cheer up goodie box. It had to go second class in the end, but I really hope she likes it all!

I haven't mentioned the spinning for a while. I finished the mystery fleece the other day - well, I still have loads of the fleece left, but I had spun all I could on my Celtic spindle, which I'm thinking of calling Tailtiu after the Celtic goddess of nature btw. So I wound it onto my niddy noddy (made from an old broom handle *lol*) and set the twist. Then I hung it on the washing line to dry, weighted by hanging the niddy noddy from the other end. I haven't decided if I want to dye it yet. I probably will because then I'll be more likely to wear whatever it is I make from it. And I want to have a go at this Kool-Aid lark!

I'm already spinning the next skein on my cd spindle. I have this urge to call this spindle Kylie (I'm spinning around...) but I may settle for Enya *lol* I haven't decided yet.

I have a really easy sock pattern in a knitting magazine so if this skein comes out okay, I may give it a go *gulp* The pattern I'm looking at has no heel so it should be an easy one to start off on. I love the colours in this skein!


Karan said...

WOW GINNY you're spinning has come on a treat!! I haven't touched my spindle recently, I have the crochet bug now instead LOL I can't wait to see what you make from your very own homespun yarn : )

Samsara said...

*lol* I think you have a touch of craft ADD too, like me :-)



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