Friday, August 03, 2007

Hats off to the Girls

I've been grinning like a Cheshire Cat coz I finished my Cheshire Kitty Hat last night whilst M was snoring away (damn insomnia!) It's cute and I know I'll love it when the cooler season starts. The ears are the darker pink on the back and the lighter pink on the front and the pompoms are both colours mixed. It's quite lightweight (DK) so it'll be great in the Autumn. I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat is one of my favourite characters. I had the LP when I was a kid which was a musical version featuring Ken Dodd, Tommy Cooper, Kenneth Conner and all sorts of British theatrical greats. This hat is based on the Disney Cheshire Cat but I still love it!

Pah! I just had a look on eBay and they have the LP that I had as a kid but it would cost me about £55!

Well, whilst we're on hats, the weather was so gorgeous today that I sought out a project that I could do in the garden. One of my swap partners (DragonsMuse) had a Jack Skeleton beanie in her Wists, so I thought I'd have a go. Wow! It's all about the musicals today! It turned out really well, I just sort of winged a basic white beanie and added the black detail after.

I love Tim Burton! He's one of my favourite directors.

I've been up to a few other things too, but I can't post them just yet, maybe when Karan receives, so you'll have to make do with gratuitous soap shots:

This is the lavender, patchouli and orange soap with lavender flowers. It seems a little soft, but I hope it's okay!

This is the callunder flowers, mango and orange oils. I think it's the palm oil that makes it such an orange colour. I might try a castille soap at some point, with no palm oil to see what colour it ends up as. I'm having problems finding a pure vegetable solid oil.

This one's chocolate mint.

While I was in the sun today I prepped some candles and bulbs. Here are the marbled candles waiting for final decoration. I forgot to take the bulb photos, but they dried really quickly in the sun so I can get those finished and boxed coz I'm selling quite a few of those lately!


Karan said...

Productive day or what?!! I love the Cheshire Cat hat, I might have to steal that idea....and Jack Skelly came out BRILL : )
Your soaps look and sound yummy! How many bars will you get from the huge batch you made? I might have to swap you a couple when I make a vege version ; )

Samsara said...

Oo, what a great idea! I have loads now! *lol* I want to get hold of some Pringles tubes (don't eat them in my house!) for my next batch. I've been having to make them in ice-cream tubs and I'm not sure how practical a shape they are. The Cheshire Kitty hat is really fun to wear and I can't wait to wear it properly, not just prancing round the house in it after a few drinks *lol*



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